Since Brittany and I got Penny in June, we’ve made a lot of progress! At first we learned a few things- Penny doesn’t get along too well with other dogs (So we let the neighbors know and laid down some precautions, and she’s doing a lot better now), she doesn’t like most treats, but is particularly fond of Pupparoni and Doggy Biscuits, she hates being alone, and would sleep all day if you let her, and Penny really loves baths.

At first, I won’t lie, I was worried. Penny wouldn’t respond to her name, she hardly ever listened to commands, and getting her into her kennel was a struggle. We also discovered that she really didn’t like it when the cat gets too close to her while she eats, and Penny tended to get really anxious whenever we would leave the apartment without her and leave us really stinky messes in her kennel.

But after a while, Penny’s personality really began to shine through and she has been slowly settling in. She now responds to her name and simple commands, when I approach her kennel, she automatically gets in without even having to be told, and she and Sparticus, our cat, get along pretty well (Or well enough that you can get considering she’s scared to death of the Sparticus when she’s in play-mode.) Sparticus also taught her to play like a cat, which sound cute, but a muscular dog like Penny is borderline terrifying when she rockets through the apartment. She’s absolutely adorable, though. She still gets anxious when we’re gone, leaving us a parting gift to come home to, but everything comes with time. I do not regret bringing her to her furever home. -Red Malottpenny