Nick 3.0

Christmas Greetings!

These three months have been interesting. I got a new name right away. Mom wanted one syllable, a name that would go with ‘no’ easily! So I became Nick 3.0, as in this is the third ‘Nick’ they have had over the years.

Mom and Dad were concerned about me, I lived here about three weeks before I ever barked. Now I bark whenever anything in the neighborhood moves. I announce whenever anyone drives in, they seem to like that. I really like when the neighbor kids visit. They do not have a dog so I get their love! They call me Nick 3.0!

My coat has gotten darker and of course heavier for winter. Right away I made peace with one of the cats, as in it whipped me soundly. One I currently just ignore but the third one I am not sure how to take her. I try to play with her, she seems to play with me, she chases me, I chase her and when I get really into playing, she goes to the top of the stalls and I am pretty sure just to tease me.

I have my very own horse stall at night, complete with a lot of hay, feed, water and toys. Some of the toys I like to hide in the hay and watch Mom and Dad try to find them the next morning. During the day, I have a big outside pen (when it is not raining) and the run of the barn, that is except the baled hay. That was so much fun, until Dad discovered I was chewing the twine off and a bunch of bales were now loose hay. Dad put up a fence, now the hay is off limits unless they are with me. I also have a couple of wood boxes to run across and jump on. I am a jumper!

When I first got to my new home, they turned me loose in the barn. I ran and ran and ran back and forth. It felt sssooo good. Now I can run from the outside pen, thru my stall and thru the barn. I practice my turns and sprints a lot.

Mom says I am really a smart dog. I sit really good when told and now shake hands. I tried to get Mom to shake with my left paw, but she finally convinced me to use my right paw. Mom insists when I am on the lease with her, when she stops, I have to sit. Now that is BOREING! There is so much stuff to smell on the farm.

Neither Mom nor Dad are happy that I just tune them out if I am loose and have something better to investigate outside. I come when I get darn good and ready. I heard Mom say she was going to take me back to the orphanage if I didn’t come. But I am still here, so she must have just been kidding.

I have spent some time lately in the house. I have nice house manners. Mom and Dad are thinking I was a house dog in my first life. I am so obedient and quiet, not like when I am outside and act so wild.

Did I mention, Ellie from South Carolina is visiting for Christmas. That Cocker is old enough to be my grandmother so does not play much. But she did bring some pretty cool new toys with her. I haul them all into a pile in the next room and lay by them. She is just kinda of like ‘whatever’!

Mom and Dad think I may be older than they thought. I have not changed in size or weight, but they are sure I am a pup because I chew everything I can get hold of…leases, the side of the deck, gloves, toys, corncobs and my real favorite, the stall door. Mom is not too happy about that one. Oh yeah and I am a digger! When I was chained at the back door, I worked on the yard until it looked like a mine field. Dad did a little sodding to repair the yard when I got my new fenced pen.

Better get back to looking after the place!

Merry Christmas
Nick 3.0