My name is Buddy (shelter name Remington) and I have an adopted sister to play with so I am never bored. There is a great big yard for me to run and play in. So far we have spent the afternoon on the deck, got wet in the pond and have ate pecans, everyone else put theirs in a bucket, but not me. Sometimes I like to run off and visit the neighbors, but someone always comes after me. I get plenty of food and my shots are caught up. You would be so proud of me; I pranced into the Vet and pranced out when I was neutered. Didn’t see that coming!

You always said I was a sweetie but my adopted parents say I have many personalities. I think I have strutted and pranced into their hearts! Like a good puppy I chew on everything in sight, eat, sleep and poop a lot.

It is going to take me a little while but I am making head way on training my new owners and just wanted you to know that I am happy and plan to stay with them for a long time! – Dan & Deb S.buddy