I had been coming to the humane society for about a month and a half looking for my best friend. There were dogs that I liked but one day I walked into the kennel and I saw the most gorgeous, happy dog that I had ever seen. He had just been put out into the kennel after being in isolation waiting for someone to claim him, but no one ever did, lucky for me! I took him on a walk and it was love at first sight!

That weekend, Oggy came home to Iowa with me. He stole everyone’s hearts! Now he lives an amazing life. He gets tons and tons of treats, gets to go on car rides all the time (he goes everywhere I go), and of course lots of play time and cuddles! We discovered that Oggy is completely house trained, knew tricks and commands, and loved car rides!! Someone had lost an amazing animal! (luckily for me) That November day, I gained my absolute best friend! He can make any day better and can always always cheer me up!

Oggy enjoys his time inside playing with all of his toys (he has a ton of toys) but he particularly enjoys his stuffed polar bear and playing fetch with his tennis balls, well its not really fetch, its more I throw the ball and he goes to get it then runs around with it and I don’t get it back. Oggy enjoys chasing all the critters out on the farm and has become one heck of a sheep dog as well! He goes out with his grandpa (my dad) every night to do sheep chores! Oggy loves to go on walks at the lake and going on horse rides with me! He has truly become my absolute best friend and he is my world! I am so thankful to the New Nodaway Humane Society for allowing me to find and adopt my best friend! – Emily B.