Jake (from State Farm) is loving his Forever home and is doing well. He now sleeps with us. He doesn’t like baths but does likes the garden hose and let’s us give him a bath that way.

Jake can be ornery. He ate all the toppings off a pizza while we were gone for a few hours. He likes to look out the windows and while we had the windows open, he knocked the screen out and jumped out. So he got to spend some time outside in the fenced in area until fixed. We have learned not to open windows all the way and to put food away.

Jake goes down and visits kitty because she still hasn’t come upstairs yet. But she has found a new hiding place, she comes up to the top of the stairs and sticks her head thru the kitty hole in the door and meows and antagonizes him. For the most part he seems pretty happy and we love him. – Milton & Cary C.JAKE