Moxie Shay

This is Moxie Shay, one of the terrier mix puppies you had last Spring. She is now about 12 pounds, about fully grown, and just starting — just maybe …. just a wee bit — to mature into a good dog.

She’s smart as a whip and knows no strangers at all. She goes to Doggie Day Care on Wednesdays, just to break up the monotony of her week while I work. I also feel it’s important she remains socialized to other humans and dogs. She LOVES it! Gets so excited to go. And she’s become a bit of a Rock Star there.

She’s also very athletic — loves to jump and run and be on *top* of things, literally! My biggest complaint is that she loves to jump up on all my table tops, which I hate. She also loves to chew on any socks she can steal from my hamper when I open my closet door. The hardest part of our day is me getting dressed for work. She tries to grab all my clothing as I’m putting it on.

Other than that, she is a cutie pie and pretty darn sweet.

Thanks again for letting me adopt her!

– Carrie K.moxie