When I first met Diesel (NNHS Debris) at the shelter, I instantly fell in love with how calm he was. He was so lovable. He didn’t bark or jump on you, he just loved to explore. I filled out the paperwork to adopt him immediately because I was already picturing in my head how spoiled he was going to be. When my boyfriend met him at the shelter, he instantly fell in love with him too.

Adjusting to home was amazing! We got lucky! He slept in his doghouse, didn’t chase cars, didn’t bark at the cows nearby, and loved to play with us when we got home. My boyfriend instantly taught him his name, how to sit, and shake, which he nailed perfectly after about a week.

Adopting Diesel literally changed my life and made me feel happier and complete. Thank you NNHS!

– Alaina F.debris