Odin (NNHS Trouble 2)

We originally came in to find a kitten for our family, but our three year old feel in love with Mr. Chunky Odin (NNHS Trouble 2) and we’re glad he did! Odin has been the best family cat. He is super playful and at night he really comes alive and actually bounces off the walls and full speed runs up them. We would have never guess this 2 year old chunker would be so spunky! During the day he loves to hang out in the window and soak up the sun and when its nice outside he enjoys sitting on the porch with us.

We love him to death and can’t imagine life without him – he makes our family complete. Thank you so much Rick for noticing the bond our son had with him and thanks to the shelter for providing us with such a good Kitty and good service!

– Ashley