Hi, this is Xena. First off I changed my name from Mona, which is a wimpy sound to Xena because I am a warrior! I am loving my new forever home. I have a new sister who has decided that I am really fun to play with and we chase and play all day. I have convinced my humans to buy tennis ball throwers so I can chase further when we play fetch. I absolutely love tennis balls! I also like to chew up almost any dog toy and they are no match for me as I have destroyed several already. Warrior, remember! I like my new Vet Julie at Shenandoah Animal Hospital who says I need to gain some weight but that I am very healthy. My family has welcomed my and love me so very much. I have never tried to bite and have been well behaved. I have included some pictures so you don’t miss me so much and I will try to visit sometime. Please know I am very happy!
~ Cris M.