We adopted Bear, the 7 month old schnauzer. He is now named Rocket, and his new name is very fitting for his personality. Rocket has changed so much since we first met him at the shelter. He’s almost a different dog! His personality has started to show much more, and my favorite part is seeing him trust us more. He is just now starting to give us more cuddles instead of just laying on the floor or laying across the couch from us. He loves his big sister, Luna, and she actually is his big sister. They come from the same dog parents and breeder. And Luna loves him so much that she always goes to the crate to greet Rocket as we let him out. Rocket has learned how to “lay down” and “high five” in the month we have had him. He almost has “twirl” down though, but his favorite is “high five”. We thank you all so much for taking care of him before we could bring him home. We are so happy to be able to experience what shelter adoption is like, and we have a whole new perspective of it because of our Rocket Man 🚀
~ Tara H.