Lady (NNHS Semi)

We have moved to Iowa because I accepted a new job, Lady (NNHS Semi) had a rough start to the transition and she chewed up a few things. I think she may have been triggered that we were gonna abandon her. However with some diligence, a vet visit, and some changes to our schedule to ensure she gets a lunch walk and we have successfully overcome the chewing. The vet suggested crating her so I bought one and could just never bring myself to crate her. She does however enjoy sitting in there with a bone in the evening sometimes lol. It never lasts long though as she would much rather be in our laps and that is where we prefer her as well. She was already such a good girl but we have been working on off leash with her and she is doing great, some distractions arise as she is still young and full of energy but she truly is a great fit to our family!
~ Natalie T.