Birdie & Dolly

Birdie is such a character! She can be very selective of people. Birdie has overcome a lot since bringing her home; at first she was very fearful, but she has gained a lot of confidence in her time with us.
Birdie really was not big on walks; but such a bundle of energy! After some time with us, we thought maybe another dog would be a good addition, to help with her energy and build her confidence some more.

We picked Dolly, and Dolly is perfect!! Dolly is so patient with Birdie’s energy, and where ever Dolly goes, Birdie goes – so now Birdie goes on long walks! Dolly’s calm confidence has helped Birdie as well. They are both snuggle bugs, they share the toys marvelously, they both adore car rides, and get along super well in car together.

~Renee H.