Ella (NNHS Jane)

Hey everyone, Ella here! (NNHS Jane)

As you already know, I have so much to be thankful for this year! My journey hasn’t been easy, but on November 15th, my new family came and adopted me!! Now, I’m settling nicely into my new furever home on the farm just in time to enjoy some turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

After taking some time to adjust, I’ve finally started showing my goofy puppy personality! I have lots of space to run and play and I love chasing birds into the corn fields around my new home. I also like to chase and play with my new human brother and sister! Sometimes they don’t like when I’m too ruff, but I just want to play with them. We are all learning to get along. Mom and Dad are teaching me the rules of the house and different words to listen for. I love learning new things because it means I get nibbles of cheese!

I have a whole basket of toys and chews! My favorite things to do are defluff my stuffies and destroy tennis balls. Luckily, Mom and Dad found some stuffies and balls that are harder to tear apart. My new parents finally found a kibble I like, and my favorite treats are steak, chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Bedtime is my favorite part of the day. Mom and Dad call me a bed hog because I like to sprawl out between them and take up as much room as possible, but I just love to snuggle and be close to them. My new family loves me so much and I fit in perfectly with them.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your people and pets!
Paws, sniffs and licks,