Luke (NNHS Thanos)

On October 5th I (NNHS Thanos) went to live with a new family. It was definitely a strange experience being in a new place after spending so much time at the shelter. The first day was so stressful and I didn’t know if I would make it. My new family started calling me by a new name. Luke became my new name.
I could tell that there was another cat at my new home but I didn’t know where he was. After a few hours I met my new brother, Milo, by accident. The meeting was definitely scary. Milo did not like me one bit. He was growling and hissing at me. I tried to act calm though and didn’t let that bother me.
After that encounter, my new family took the next several days to integrate me into the house. They would let me roam the house for a few hours and then switch Milo and me out so he could roam the house for a few hours. My new family had doubts that Milo and I would get along. They were afraid that they would have to return me to the shelter.
Switching Milo and I out every few hours made all the difference though. Milo and I met each other again several days after our first encounter. Milo was so friendly and playful. We instantly hit it off! I could tell within a few hours that we were going to be best friends and guess what? Milo and I are now best friends! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my new brother.
Since then, I have been so happy living with my new family. I get to roam the house all of the time. I also have my favorite sitting spot at the window. I look outside at the birds and all of the other pretty things out there. My favorite thing though is playing with my brother! Milo and I have so much fun wrestling and chasing each other around the house. When I am not doing any of that; I am napping either in my chair or on the couch.
I am definitely glad that my new family chose me. I am also glad that they gave Milo and I a chance to warm up to each other. They have been great and I love it here!