I wanted to thank you for helping me find Elroy, who was my best friend for five years. My roommates and I adopted Elroy from the shelter in 2014. He was quiet and scared at first but, after a few days, he started joyfully greeting my roommates and I every time one of us walked in the door.

I ended up taking Elroy with me when I graduated but his other moms kept in contact and occasionally took him for a few days to spend some time with him. Elroy was by my side through law school and my first year out of school. He slept with me every night and kept me company when I pulled all-nighters to study. Elroy became a part of the community in Maryville and a beloved member of my family. We explored Maryville and Lincoln, Nebraska during long walks. He even got to join one of his moms and I for a day at the Omaha zoo.

I had to help Elroy pass to the Rainbow Bridge last February after he suddenly became very sick. Elroy was 13 years old when he passed. Thanks to your shelter’s care for Elroy when he was looking for a home, I got to love Elroy for five of those years.

When I first saw Elroy at your shelter, I had no idea how much joy, love, fun, and companionship he would bring into my life, the lives of his other moms, my family, and everyone who had the privilege of spending time with him.

I have two jack russell terriers now, both of whom remind me of Elroy in different ways. Like Elroy, Bentley is calm and has such a gentle spirit. Kavya shares Elroy’s penchant for loyalty and sense of wonder.

Though I no longer live in Lincoln, I still follow your shelter’s Facebook page and encourage others to consider adopting from Maryville. Thank you for giving a Elroy – shy little older dog – a chance and allowing my friends and I to take him into our home.

~Melissa P.