I hope everyone there had great holidays. We did and Aurora played a large part in that. She has been a fantastic addition to our lives. My mom swore she would never have or love a dog again and well that went out the door right away. I only have a few good pictures because she is so animated. She loves to play ball. She has destroyed 6 kong tennis balls 3 ratchet balls and all the toys you sent with her except the tug of war rope. I will be ordering some hopefully more durable toys and new food.
She does have some issues. I ground turkey and cooked 9 hard-boiled eggs to make turkey salad and deviled eggs. I had cooled and peeled the eggs but left them in the colander in the sink. 10 minutes later my mom asked me where the eggs where and I said in the sink, well, actually, they were in Aurora’s belly. We were stunned but got a good laugh and she seemed no worse for the wear. did re-cook the eggs but now the kitchen has to be I am a little worried, she eats like a horse but never seems to be satisfied.
I thank you once again for the gift you have given me and my family. If she could talk, she would tell you life is good with us. For the time being, just a few pictures and then more to follow.
~Bill C.