I (Mia/Meatball) love my new home! I get to cuddle with my mom all day and go on walks around the apartment complex. I get really excited to see other dogs around, but they don’t seem as enthused to see me most of the time. My mom keeps buying me toys but I’m not sure when she’s going to get the hint that I am only entertained by ripping the stuffing out of them. I make mom proud by showing off my skills and sitting and laying for her, I get treats often which gives me a big incentive to be on my best behavior for her! I am full of energy and love giving new visitors kisses. Mom says I do really good at bath time and it seems to be pretty relaxing for me. I love getting my tummy rubbed & laying on anyone and everyone makes me feel safe and secure. I look out windows often, there are just too many noises not to be interested!! At night mom let’s me sleep in bed with her. I love getting under the blankets and cuddling with her all night long.
~Kenzie A.