Halo (NNHS Marie)

Halo (NNHS Marie) has adjusted well to her new surroundings and is very playful and full of curiosity. It only took her a couple of days to claim my office chair as hers! So everyday when I leave, I place her bed there. She loves to investigate everything on my desk and plays with the pens and prefers to sit on whatever papers I need to be working on at the moment. Last week I placed a cat tree near a window and she occupies herself by playing with the dangling mouse, ball, and rope. She enjoys the two perches and the condo and the scratching posts get a workout. In the afternoon when she begins to have difficulty staying awake, she will jump up into my lap, make herself comfortable and rest her head on the keyboard shelf and nap–so all work must cease for awhile. My productivity has declined since Halo came into my life, but I am enjoying life more. Her antics often make me laugh and that is good for my soul!
~Valerie S.