Our mission is to give shelter and care to lost, abused, or unwanted dogs and cats, to advocate the humane treatment of all animals, and to reduce overpopulation through a successful spaying and neutering program. 


The New Nodaway Humane Society was established with by-laws in the office of Frank Strong at 7:30 p.m. May 15, 1985. The original officers were Martha Johnson, President; Tom Carneal, Vice President: Marjo Nocks, Secretary – Treasurer. Board members were Dolores Albertini, Martha Blacketer, Mary Jackson and Jill Wittwer. The word “New” was added to the organization’s name in order to distinguish it from the former Nodaway Humane Society.

Within a month of opening our new building in 2004, our anminal population doubled. Each year we expect between 750 and 800 animals will be cared for at the shelter. Of these, about approximately one-third will be placed in homes. In addition, many lost animals have been returned to their owners, and some have been adopted through other animal rescue groups. We struggle to maintain a low-kill facility because we believe the animals in our care deserve a second chance at life.

If you are looking for a pet please consider the ones at tour shelter who so desperately need a loving home. If you cannot adopt, please help by sending a donation. These animals need you!