Animals and Adoption

Dog adoption including spay/neuter, vaccinations, worming, rabies shot and microchip.

  • Puppy (under 6 months)………………….$150
  • Small Dog (under 20lbs)…………………..$150
  • High Profile Dog (specialty breeds)…..$150
  • Adult Mixed Dog………………………………$100
  • Senior Dog……………………………………….Half Price
  • “Seniors for Seniors”………………………..$25

Cat adoption including spay/neuter, vaccinations, worming, rabies shot and microchip.

  • Kitten (under 6 months)………………….$80
  • Adult Cat…………………………………………$60
  • Senior Cat……………………………………….Half Price
  • “Seniors for Seniors”……………………….$25

The Adoption Process

Animals are placed “first come, first serve” with an approved application unless otherwise stated.
All adoption holds must be staff approved.

To adhere to CDC guidelines for social distancing, NNHS is now accepting online applications only. Animals will be shown by appointment, following submission and review of your application. The adoption process includes completing a questionnaire, following up with vet and landlord (if renting) references, a phone interview and meet-and-greet with other pets.

Send completed questionnaires to If you have any questions or trouble, call 660-562-3333 or send a Facebook message.

If approved, we have an adoption agreement for you to sign. If the animal requires additional vetting, you can choose to take the animal home early, but you will be responsible for paying any continued vetting expenses. We will give you a contract for spay/neuter and rabies where we have a maximum amount we’ll cover. Anything over that amount, you’re responsible for paying.

If you are adopting a dog and live in Maryville city limits, you should also expect to purchase a city license tag – this is something you’ll renew each year upon vaccinating your pet. A city license tag is $5 for a neutered/spayed dog and $25 for an intact dog.

If you are considering adoption of a bully breed, our staff will ask additional questions and a home visit may be required. If there are other dogs in the home, a meet-and-greet is required. We will make every effort to make sure that your personality and the dog’s match. We reserve the right to not adopt a bully breed to a home that we feel that particular dog will not do well in.

Why submit an application before meeting the animal? Isn’t that backwards?

Due to limited space inside the shelter, we are asking potential adopters to submit their application in advance so you can be pre-approved. This allows us to ensure guests practice social distancing and reduces the amount of time spent inside the building. There is no fee associated with the application and no commitment is required from you during the pre-approval process.

After you submit your application, our staff will then review your application and if approved, contact you to schedule a meet-and-greet. At that time, you can decide if you wish to continue with the adoption process. If you are undecided between a 2-3 animals, we encourage you to list them all on your adoption application. When you come for your meet-and-greet, you will then have an opportunity to interact with multiple animals, if desired.

Can I place an animal on hold?

A $25 non-refundable hold deposit may be placed on a pet for a 72-hour period. The hold deposit is separate from the adoption fee. If you decide to proceed with the adoption, you must pay the adoption fee in full upon completion of your adoption agreement. Only one hold may be placed on a pet at a time. All adoption holds must be processed in person or by phone (660-562-3333).

We recommend completing the questionnaire (see above) during this hold period so we can contact references and approve your application in advance.

Can I place a hold on an animal not available yet?

Animals in isolation can be placed on early-bird hold with a $25 non-refundable hold deposit and approval by the shelter. Exceptions include:

  • Animals younger than six weeks of age
  • Animals on stray hold

Animals in isolation can not be seen by the public. You will only be able to see the animal in photos or videos provided by the staff.  It is also important to note, you are taking a risk by placing an animal on hold that has not been medically cleared. We do not offer a refund even in cases of the animal’s death.

Once the animal is medically cleared and placed on the main adoption floor, we will notify you that you have 72 hours to finalize the adoption or the animal will be made available for adoption again. To speed up the process, we recommend completing the adoption questionnaire in advance.

Will I be notified before my hold expires?

No. Your hold expires 72 hours from the time it is approved. For early-bird holds, your hold expires 72 hours from when you are notified the animal is now on the main floor.

Can I extend my hold?

Yes, but only once. An additional $25 non-refundable hold deposit will be required. The maximum amount of time a potential adopter can hold an animal is 6 days. If you do not contact us for approval of an extension before your original 72 hour hold expires, the animal will be made available to the public.

The animal I am interested in is on hold. Can I be added to a wait list?

Yes. If the animal becomes available for adoption, we will notify ALL potential adopters on the wait list. The animal is available to the first person (including the public) to place a hold or adopt the animal.

I do not live in Maryville. How can I pay for the hold and send the adoption questionnaire?

All adoptions and adoption holds must be processed in person or by phone (660-562-3333). If approved, you can pay online via our secure PayPal page at Be sure to share your confirmation number to the shelter staff to confirm your hold. Next, complete the adoption questionnaire (see above) and email it to

If my adoption application is denied, do I get my $25 hold deposit back?

No. The $25 hold deposit is non-refundable. The most common reason an application would be denied is because the landlord does not grant approval. Please talk with your landlord first.

What is the “Seniors for Seniors” program?

Our “Seniors for Seniors” program brings senior citizens the benefits of pet ownership together with senior pets who need loving homes. The program allows adopters, age 60 and older, to adopt a cat or dog, 7 years or older. The adoption fee will be reduced to $25, subject to an approved adoption application.