Just wanted to write you a quick note and tell you what an absolute joy Tiki has been for my family and I !!! He is so much fun and is spoiled rotten! He is growing up so fast and is actually getting a little tummy on him now. 🙂

He did get well after being sick and we haven’t had any issues since. He is so beautiful and we just love him!! Wanted to let you all know he’s in good hands and very Loved!

Thank you so much again for our Wonderful Family Pet!

– Bobbie G.


Duke (NNHS Spencer)

So I adopted Spencer a while back. He now prefers the name Duke because he thinks he is fancy! We recently took in Leo, a baby kitten and this is how Duke responded.
Duke took over being a parent and has followed Leo around since we brought him home. If Duke feels the kitten is doing something wrong, he picks up Leo and brings him to the bedroom for a “time out”. Duke doesn’t let Leo climb or scratch on things. He has even taught Leo how to use the litter box!!! This is such a huge accomplishment since Duke was returned previously to the shelter because he peed all over the place. Duke does still have a few accidents here and there but he’s been doing so much better. We love having him!
– Karei T.

Mia & Trouble

“We were looking for a new car and seen your video that was shared and instantly feel in love with the 2 bonded black cats (Mia & Trouble). My youngest and wildest son went to visit them. We instantly feel in love and took them home. They had been in the shelter since April 2017.
They settled right into our home over night like they have always been here. Mia is queen of the couch and wants petted all day. Trouble loves to play and lay around and tells us when it’s bed time. He actually slept with my son on his first night home!”
– Bridgett P.


Just thought I’d send an update on Hank. We took him and our other dogs on a walk around our property today and he had a blast!
He’s a very good dog and he’s settling in very nicely here. We all love him.

– Jenny R.


Oh my gosh, he is the best! Kilo had a bit of motion sickness on the way home, but I took him out, cuddled him and he was all better. He rode the rest of the way curled up on my lap. What a doll. Love him!
– Jen T.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me adopt my baby, he was a sickly little kitten when I got him and has to wait two weeks to take him home. I don’t remember his name at the shelter but he had a twin names Po Boy and they shared a kennel. Now he goes by Eddie or Eddie baby he loves to snuggle and be on people’s laps and he also loves playing with and cleaning his new little brother kitten named Dude. I love this big fat cat so much and am so grateful that I found him trough you guys!

– Catie T.


We got Flash earlier this year and we couldn’t be happier with him! He loves sleeping in on Sunday’s, chasing kittens, and walking the horses! We couldn’t imagine not waking up to his smiley face and having his help on the farm! Thank you NNHS!

– Cassidy J.

Nova (NNHS Lyric)


My wife adopted this little lady from the shelter for my birthday. She has been the best gift ever. Her NNHS name was Lyric, but renamed her Nova. She is so fun and playful but also loves to snuggle with her mommas. Thank you for taking such great care of my baby and all the babies in the shelter. You all truly make a difference in peoples lives daily.

– Trisha P.

Mattie (NNHS Dolly)

Around this time 4 years ago you posted a picture of Dolly (now Mattie). The moment i saw her she captured my heart and shortly after we brought her to her forever home. Since then she has gained two little brothers -one furry and one human. She is the perfect combination of spunky and sweet. People are amazed when they see what she looked like back then. She is now a perfectly healthy, very loved dog.

– Sara C.


I just wanted to send a quick update on Bear. She is the perfect dog and is fitting in great with our family! She is heartworm free now and feeling much better! Her hair is finally starting to grow back and she loves going to the groomer! Thanks for a great dog!

– Amanda D.


It’s been a year since I adopted Jack (10/12/2016) from the NNHS, and our big family couldn’t even imagine living life without him beside us. Jack was a shepherd mix found at Mozingo and while I try not to personally get attached while volunteering I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Since I was graduating NWMSU with a degree in Animal Science, I decided it was a right time for a dog. Jack is my dog of a lifetime who is good enough to be around my grandparents as well. He loves cuddles, walks, treats, chasing rabbits out of the garden, and spending time with my large family. He is always by my or my grandma’s side. He is gentle and doesn’t jump around with my 92 yr old grandpa and loves playing with my cousins who are young. Scared of cattle, which is great because I already have a cattle dog who works our cattle. Jack hates toys and loves to dig and steal corn out of the garden. Jack lost a lot of weight after we brought him home to Iowa and after a few months of working hard we found a dog food that he will eat and he is looking so much better. Since he learned it is okay to bark, he has become so talkative. His fur changes colors each season. For winter and spring he is light and fluffy. My favorite is his dark copper and saddle which shows up in the summer and fall. Thank you so much for our Jack, you have to be pretty special to be a farm and family dog and he definitely is well-suited as a member of the Johnson family.

– Jessica J.


We adopted Rosie 4 days after we first saw her. She was everything we wanted. She is a bundle of joy. She loves endless butt scratches, car rides, and all the treats she can get. We also discovered that she loves to burrow under blankets, hog beds, and snore until you can’t hear anything else. She is very protective of her mama but will warm up to strangers if they come into the house. We couldn’t be more thankful for the joy and love she has brought us. Thank you NNHS for completing our family!

– Hunter D.

Moose (NNSH Sport)

My time with Moose (NNHS Sport) started off pretty rough. Moose weighed 13 pounds as a 6-month-old lab retriever. He refused to eat and was constantly wanting to drink water – from the toilet, from the watered plants, or he would pee in the house/kennel so that he could drink it. I was up every hour throughout the night to take him outside in an attempt to potty train. He was continuously pacing, running into things and lacked personality.

After several vet visits, it was confirmed that Moose is partially blind in both eyes with a detached retina in his right eye and was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus. Diabetes insipidus, also known as water diabetes, is an incredibly rare disorder that makes Moose’s brain to constantly think he needs water, which causes increased dilute urination, increased thirst and lack of hunger.

Moose gets eye drop medication that helps control his diabetes and it is amazing just how different he is with them!! Now Moose is 33 pounds (vet says he is full grown) and eats and drinks a normal amount for his size. He is starting to move around better without running into walls or furniture and takes his time to learn a new space before running around. He is SUPER cuddly, loves walks and meeting new people and dogs, and has so much personality. I am so thankful Moose came into my life!

– Mariah P.

Sitka (NNHS Patches)

Sitka (NNHS Patches) is a very energetic puppy and loves to play tug of war with his rope. He is very good with other dogs and people once he settles down. He loves to go on long walks to work out some of his energy. I like to walk him while wearing roller blades!
After a long run he enjoys sitting in an old love seat of ours that he has claimed as his. It doesn’t take long for him to settle down for bed, although he is a bit of a bed hog. He loves to snuggle especially if it is storming as this seems to frighten him. He does tend to suffer from separation anxiety and because of this we try to keep someone with him at all times.
I love Sitka very much and he seems just as attached to me. The chewing is a small problem but nothing we haven’t been able to handle. Thank you so very much for my new best friend and family member.
– Jessica P.

Jake (NNHS Grizzly)

I came to the shelter to meet Grizzly as a surprise for my dad’s birthday. My dad has wanted a German Shepherd since he was a small boy. Everyone at the shelter warned me that Grizzy was aggressive. I still wanted to meet him.
Grizzly and I went to the outdoor kennel and we bonded right away. We went back inside and I adopted him right then and there. While one of the workers was filling out and finishing all the paperwork, I saw down on the ground and Grizzly curled up in my lap! Everyone there was amazed.
I brought Grizzly home and my dad was so thrilled. They bonded fast as well. We decided to change his name to Jake. Everyone in the family loves him and Jake loves everyone, including his new brothers and sisters. Jake loves being out on the farm with lots of room to run and so many things to sniff. My family can’t thank you NNHS enough for allowing us to adopt Jake. We absolutely love him!!!

– Emily B.


“Just thought I’d give ya an update on Bruin. He did awesome with the 6 hour trip back home and is adjusting well. We have had no problems with him and the kids love having him here. Thanks for letting us adopt him!”

– Champagne M.

Milo & Otis (NNHS Phar & Mission)

Hi, just wanted to share a Happy Tails and an update. We adopted these two brothers Milo and Otis (NNHS Phar & Mission) last year in August. They have been the perfect addition to our cat family!! Milo (gray one) is aka Ninja Cat for he is one you will find standing on top of doors, or in some unimaginable location to where I just keep on walking and say to him ‘As you were’. He’s always been the fearless one of the two since we got them. Otis is ‘our baby’ because he continues to still try to nurse on his special blanket and loves affection. He used to be skittish and shy when they first came but he’s such a little lover now. So glad we kept them together, they play with each other and sleep together ALL the time. We have 3 other adult cats and after the initial adjustment phase they all tolerate the “fur brothers” as we call them sometimes. Thank you so much for all you do, and thank you so much for taking good care of M and O until they came into our lives. Know that they are loved beyond words 😊❤️❤️❤️
– Caren B.

Atreyu (NNHS Drizzle)

This is Atreyu (NNHS Drizzle) my fiancé and I adopted him back in March, and we couldn’t be happier. He has been the best companion for both of us! He loves going on hikes with us, to explore new parks! He keeps us on our toes… and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our vet says he’s more treeing walker coon hound than beagle… and his birthday was probably sometime this month! Thank you for helping us find our fur baby!!!
– Stephanie M.

Teena Leigh (NNHS Paris Dameyn)

Teena Leigh (NNHS Paris Dameyn) is a little sweetheart. She likes to play with her toy mouse, ball of yarn, noise balls and cloth puppy. She is a little tuxedo kitty.
She loves to help when we are on the iPad, usually laying in front of the screen. Teena got her new name from our granddaughters, Josie Leigh (8 years old) and Rorie Leigh (4 years old). They like to FaceTime so they can watch her play.
Snuggling is a high priority with Teena. She likes to get up in our lap and take a bath then go to sleep all stretched out. We wanted to thank our daughter Jamie and the New Nodaway Humane Society for posting pictures on Facebook.
– Jim & Jackie S.


Stryper is doing great. She enjoys going to the farm and running around. She can run almost as far as she wanted to but always remains close to me. She seems very protective but always knows who should be around who shouldn’t. She has been very good to anyone I’ve brought around. Still jumps a lot but is very easy to get down. We’ve recently been working on jumping in the back of the truck. Getting out isn’t a problem. This summer we are looking forward to swimming in the pond.

– Andrew N.


Bobbi (NNHS Irene) has really settled into her forever home! She loves relaxing in the bushes around the house, climbing trees, and hunting mice and birds. She is very affectionate, but still a bit shy. She loves our two other cats, particularly Kevin — they are BBFs!
– Callie M.

Renley (NNHS Bridget)

“My boyfriend Erik and I adopted a puppy from you at the beginning of May. Renley (NNHS Bridget) is doing well! She was one of the puppies brought back from Texas. She was shy for the first few days, but her confidence increased quickly. She is great with the other doggies and children, and we certainly believe that we have the New Nodaway Humane Society to thank for that! Renley is a quick learner and always has her nose to the ground sniffing everything! She loves playing with us and going on walks.
We completed a Wisdom Panel to find out what breeds she has in her. We have had lots of guesses over the last month and just want to know for sure. For now, Renley is growing up so fast!”
– Sarah L. & Erik S


“My girlfriend had tagged me in a post about Pookie and I knew as soon as I saw his pictures I wanted to adopt him. I’m so happy I did, he was shy and grumpy at first. Once he started to settle in he became so cuddly and lovable. He loves to lay on my shoulder before and after work.
We found out he has kidney disease but with the help of our vet and a diet change he’s going to be just fine. He’s finally gaining some weight too. Things like this are what makes happy about adopting older animals. Who wants the 13 year old cat whose missing teeth? ME, and I couldn’t be happier with my little buddy.”
– Jacob R.

Leo, Millie & Mazzie (NNHS Matisse, Mercy & Maple)

These three little fluff balls Leo, Millie and Mazzie (NNHS Matisse, Mercy and Maple) are fitting in extremely well with our family. They have so many toys and lots of room to play. They cuddle up on you when they are ready to take a nap and are just so fun to have in the family! They make a great addition and we are super excited to share with you as they grown and change!

– Hannah C.


Millie came to us in October after we followed her story online and waited to be selected to be her “furever” home. Millie had several health concerns after coming from a very bad situation, and we fell in love with her immediately upon meeting her. Millie was the lucky recipient of a lot of donations for surgery on her broken jaw while in the shelter.

Millie has since had luxating patella surgery and her skin and allergy issues are completely gone. She loves her dog brother Charlie and her human brother, too. Our family feels complete with Millie and she has been a blessing to us. We don’t know what we would do without her silly personality!

– Ashley K.


We love Tess, she is doing great!  We did find out she not only does not like men but she does not like just about any visiting adults, and she digs!  She gets along with our cat very well also.  Here is a pic of Tess and Hank…

– John L.


After a long and illustrious career serving others, Caesar will be cutting back on his many volunteer activities. Since being rescued from the New Nodaway County animal shelter in 2008 he has served as a R.E.A.D and certified therapy dog at Hudson Hospital, Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Christian Community Homes, Presbyterian Homes, Bethel Lutheran Preschool, River Falls Public Library, Capital City Adventist School, Hudson Middle School, North Hudson Elementary, Hudson High School, Journey House Campus Ministry, and University of WI, River Falls. He will be spending more time squirrel-monitoring, supervising Fed-Ex, UPS and USPS deliveries and hanging our with his pack.

– Krista O.

Max & Merlin

Happy tails! We adopted Max two years ago and in December we adopted Merlin. These two boys have been best friends since day one. Merlin follows Max everywhere and they love curling up for naps. I can’t thank you guys enough for giving us our boys!

– Kayla M.


“We adopted Roscoe a few weeks ago and he has been such a blessing to our family! When we first brought him home he followed us everywhere in the house afraid of us being to far away from him, he didn’t want to go to sleep the first night unless he laid on top of my husband. Now he runs all over the house at his will, gets lots of cuddles, kisses and treats and has started talking to us when he wants attention or has to go potty! It’s the sweetest thing. Roscoe looks like a big scary dog but he is just a big cuddle bug that thinks he can sit in your lap 😍 Thank you NNHS for completing our family!”

– Kayce H.

Piper (NNHS Kitty)

“Piper (NNHS Kitty) was very nervous and had some throat problems when we brought her home so she couldn’t bark well. We got her all patched up and now she’s happy to talk to us when she’s excited. She’s started to learn how to play with toys and has a new doggy best friend that lives next door. She’s a hit with the neighbors and has been super easy to train. She know all the important words like outside, treat, and bedtime! As well as sit and lay down. She’s our favorite little couch potato and the best cuddle buddy we could ask for!”

– Machelle C.


Ruby is a 3 year old English Pointer that we adopted in January. She had successfully passed the obedience/socialization course under the Puppies for Parole program. She stayed an extra 2 1/2 weeks with her trainer due to our travel conflicts. She hopped right into the kennel and never made a peep during the 4 hour trip home.

She loves to go for car rides. We were told Ruby did not like loud noises. My husband doesn’t hunt so that was no problem, but I’m the chief cook and bottle washer in the family and I guess I’m a little noisy in my kitchen. It took Ruby about a week to start inching her way from the living room towards the kitchen to see what I was up to. Now we have a pet bed in the dining area and she will plop down in it and watch me without being fearful.

I walk her outside everyday and we have a coat for her to wear. She follows the “heel command” very well, I listen to my music and she’s look for birds and it is an enjoyable activity. On weekends, my husband joins us, the picture was a Sunday drive and then a cold walk along the Mississippi River. Ruby did great!

We’re very happy with Ruby. She’s social with family and friends, she’s very lovable and we’re glad we found each other. A special thanks to the trainer who did an excellent job in making this transition into a success story.

– Randy & Pat R.


Today, April 4th, is the day we adopted Jake (from State Farm) and wanted to give you a 1 year update. He is very loved and has had some play dates with our niece’s dogs. He and the cat — well that’s a slower process. I take it his past owners didn’t have any cats. We are working on that but for the most part I think he is pretty happy.
– Cary C.

Zoey (NNHS Happy)

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my lovable addition to our little family! I adopted Zoey from your shelter a little over 2 months ago. Her original name was Happy due to her adorable smile but we ended up changing her name. She is definitely spoiled daily! We love to cuddle and steal all the covers. 🙂 I knew when I saw her picture online I had to travel 3 hours just to meet her. I fell in love instantly and had to adopt her and I’m so glad I did! She is my best friend and brings so much happiness into my life!

— Alyssa S.

Jinx (NNHS Sassy)

My heart melted when I saw a small grey and white tabby cat on NNHS’s facebook page. The very next day I drove an hour to meet the little kitten. I adopted Jinx (NNHS Sassy) in January of 2016. Knowing that I was approved for a pet friendly rental, it was so nice that the shelter held Jinx until the next month when I moved in. Since being adopted, Jinx loves playing with her beagle big brother. Of course like most cats, Jinx likes her space so she likes climbing in her cat tree to have a break. Nothing makes me laugh more than when you throw her toy mouse and runs after it and walks around with it in her mouth. Thank you NNHS for posting her picture so I could make this girl a part of my life!

– Mary G.


Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop you a line or two. After a week Chucky seems to be settling in nicely. He fit right in our household. He even likes the cat, the cat on the other hand hasn’t made up her mind about him yet…

– Brian L.

Gemma (NNHS Harmony)

Gemma was one of the puppies born at the shelter on the Fourth of July in 2015. When I came to the shelter and saw her, I knew I wanted to adopt her. She was the smallest one of the puppies, but now she has gotten so big. She is also spoiled rotten! She gets everything she wants.

She really helped me through a rough time in my life and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. She is going to be 2 this summer, I can’t believe it. She has a great life, splitting time in Maryville at my apartment and in Kansas City when we go home to visit my family, where she has a big backyard to play in with my dad and my sisters other dogs. I am so happy to adopted her from the shelter and that she has helped me more than she will ever know!

– April T.

Milo (NNHS Bugger)


I just wanted to share a few pictures of a VERY spoiled rotten baby I adopted him from your shelter a little over a year ago. His name is Milo and is definitely spoiled daily! We love to cuddle and take selfies. I knew when I saw the bottom picture on your website last year, I just had to adopt him, and I’m so glad I did! He is my best friend!

– Brianna E.

Odin (NNHS Trouble 2)

We originally came in to find a kitten for our family, but our three year old feel in love with Mr. Chunky Odin (NNHS Trouble 2) and we’re glad he did! Odin has been the best family cat. He is super playful and at night he really comes alive and actually bounces off the walls and full speed runs up them. We would have never guess this 2 year old chunker would be so spunky! During the day he loves to hang out in the window and soak up the sun and when its nice outside he enjoys sitting on the porch with us.

We love him to death and can’t imagine life without him – he makes our family complete. Thank you so much Rick for noticing the bond our son had with him and thanks to the shelter for providing us with such a good Kitty and good service!

– Ashley


Benji is one of the best dogs I could’ve asked for. He’s so sweet and loving; his personality ranges all over the spectrum. He LOVES to run and play but throughout the day he also enjoys taking a few naps and getting some cuddles!

He’s got all kinds of toys but his favorite by far is his rope. He just loves some tug of war and fetch! He definitely loves his tennis balls too.

My sweet Benji is my ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and there couldn’t be a better fit. He makes me more happy then I could’ve imagined! He’s my handsome boy and I can’t wait for the years of fun, cuddles and memories to come!

– Britan J.

Jimmy (NNHS Walker)

My family adopted a puppy named “Walker” from the pound. We just wanted to give you an update on him. We named him “Jimmy”, he is a spitfire of a puppy. He is very playful, ornery and loving rolled into one. He loves to cuddle and is learning the rules and of course he likes to break them from time to time a typical “kid”, he also keeps us in our toes. We want to thank you and your staff for the chance to add him to our family.

Thank you so much,
The Boles family15909474_1325497347470712_1325276176_n

Johnny Cash

Hi! We adopted our little guy Johnny Cash from your humane society this past year and we so love him! I hope to bring my niece and little cousins by so we can walk through the shelter to see the animals and importance of adopting. Thanks so much!

– Danielle F. johnny-cash


Hey there! I keep forgetting to update y’all on Felicia (Fe for short). I adopted her about 2 months ago – November 5th.

She is doing so well! She is a ball of energy all the time. I’ve been asked multiple times if she is a puppy because of how much energy she has. She loves the outdoors, so we hike trails, run, and play in creeks all the time.

She has learned sit, stay, shake, and high five. She also associates words with actions. She understands “let go”, “outside?”, “bath”, “treat”, and “let’s go to bed”. She is the smartest dog I have ever met. I am hoping to get her into training pretty soon, so we can learn more!

Felicia is still dog aggressive and that is something we have been working on. I have been in contact with a behaviorist and a few trainers to see what we can do. We actively avoid other dogs so she does not get stressed out. Although she is not crazy about other dogs, she loves people so much! She does not know a stranger.

I am so thankful that I was able to adopt her after almost a year and a half! Fe has become my best friend and I am so lucky to have this ray of sunshine in my life.

I thank y’all so much for putting up with me obsessively visiting the shelter all the time to visit her and being patient with the process it took to get her home.

– Allie S.


When I first met Diesel (NNHS Debris) at the shelter, I instantly fell in love with how calm he was. He was so lovable. He didn’t bark or jump on you, he just loved to explore. I filled out the paperwork to adopt him immediately because I was already picturing in my head how spoiled he was going to be. When my boyfriend met him at the shelter, he instantly fell in love with him too.

Adjusting to home was amazing! We got lucky! He slept in his doghouse, didn’t chase cars, didn’t bark at the cows nearby, and loved to play with us when we got home. My boyfriend instantly taught him his name, how to sit, and shake, which he nailed perfectly after about a week.

Adopting Diesel literally changed my life and made me feel happier and complete. Thank you NNHS!

– Alaina F.debris

Moxie Shay

This is Moxie Shay, one of the terrier mix puppies you had last Spring. She is now about 12 pounds, about fully grown, and just starting — just maybe …. just a wee bit — to mature into a good dog.

She’s smart as a whip and knows no strangers at all. She goes to Doggie Day Care on Wednesdays, just to break up the monotony of her week while I work. I also feel it’s important she remains socialized to other humans and dogs. She LOVES it! Gets so excited to go. And she’s become a bit of a Rock Star there.

She’s also very athletic — loves to jump and run and be on *top* of things, literally! My biggest complaint is that she loves to jump up on all my table tops, which I hate. She also loves to chew on any socks she can steal from my hamper when I open my closet door. The hardest part of our day is me getting dressed for work. She tries to grab all my clothing as I’m putting it on.

Other than that, she is a cutie pie and pretty darn sweet.

Thanks again for letting me adopt her!

– Carrie K.moxie

Pepper (formerly Tippy)

I adopted Pepper (formerly Tippy) in May 2016 when she was 3 months old and let me tell you, sometimes adopting a pet isn’t always easy! She faught worms for the first month after I got her and then shortly after that, she started getting sick about once a week and it was very scary for a while.

With the help of the Nodaway Humane Society and Southpaws Veterinary Clinic, we found out that Pepper had developed a food allergy to grain (which is in most generic cat foods). Now she is seven months old, and she is so big, healthy, and we both are so happy! She was the sweetest thing from the very beginning; she’s so talkative and playful, and she loves to cuddle. She always makes me laugh and cheers me up after a hard day. Adoption isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it!

– Aimee S.


The first time I met Piper I knew there was something special about her. After seeing how much she had improved while at the shelter, I knew I had to grab her up before anyone else did! Adopting Piper was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and she has grown into a completely different dog!

Piper loves to play fetch and chase birds and squirrels around the yard. She’s still learning to love walks, because there are a lot of noises and strange people out there in the real world! But everyone who meets Piper just adores her, she’s quite the charmer! She loves to cuddle and is never far from my side. Piper loves all dogs and almost explodes from excitement when we go to the dog park!

Thank you, NNHS, for taking care of our sweet girl until we found her!
– Katelin L.


Jake (from State Farm) is loving his Forever home and is doing well. He now sleeps with us. He doesn’t like baths but does likes the garden hose and let’s us give him a bath that way.

Jake can be ornery. He ate all the toppings off a pizza while we were gone for a few hours. He likes to look out the windows and while we had the windows open, he knocked the screen out and jumped out. So he got to spend some time outside in the fenced in area until fixed. We have learned not to open windows all the way and to put food away.

Jake goes down and visits kitty because she still hasn’t come upstairs yet. But she has found a new hiding place, she comes up to the top of the stairs and sticks her head thru the kitty hole in the door and meows and antagonizes him. For the most part he seems pretty happy and we love him. – Milton & Cary C.JAKE


When I moved into my apartment during the summer of 2014, my landlord told me I could get a pet since our neighbors had gotten a dog. The cat that I had had since I was 6 had died. I was desperately missing having a cat around and I was excited to have one of my own.

The next week, I started going to the animal shelter to look at the cats. I had a hard time deciding on which cat I wanted…I wanted all of them. They all needed a forever home and love, but when I walked into the kitten room and saw this little, loud gray and blackk ball of fur I knew she was the one. I back over the next few weeks to visit and play with her. She was so playful and loving. I couldn’t wait to bring her home. Pippa (NNHS Totty) is still as energetic as she was almost a year and a half ago. She loves to cuddle, eat, and chase squirrels. She’s my best little fur baby, and I love her so much. – Chelsea S.


I adopted Marlin (NNHS Shay) in December 2015 and brought him home a few days before Christmas. Marlin is a good fit for me and I’m glad I chose to bring him home. He’s very energetic and playful, and it didn’t take long for him to get comfortable in his new home. Marlin is a very loyal kitty and he always has to be around me, whether I’m at my desk doing art work or taking a shower, (he has to be in the bathroom). He loves playing with his toys and enjoys playing fetch. He’ll even bring his toys to me and nudge me to play fetch with him. Marlin just turned six months old a little over a week ago and he keeps getting more energetic. I love Marlin and I’m very happy I brought into me life. – Steven V.


Aurora (NNHS Chevy) is the most perfect cat, and has blossomed such a big personality. She was very quiet when I got her a little over a year ago, but always loved to play. She has now discovered her meow, likes to play in the bathtub and watch the water run, and lay in the sunshine that comes through the window. She has also grown all her fur back from when I got her and she was shaved! She may have looked a little funny then, but i knew she’d end up being perfect. She is the perfect companion for me. She cuddles when I am stressed out with homework and activities. She runs to greet me at the door every time I get home. She loves to try and eat my food, and I can barely eat a turkey sandwich without having to stand up, because it is her favorite food. Aurora is truly my best friend and I am so thankful I found her at the Humane Society. I cannot not wait to make more memories with her for the many years to come with her. – Kellie H.


I adopted Penny back in October and we have had a wonderful time together. She came into my life at just the right time. She knows a boatload of tricks, can sit on a horse, and runs alongside me while I am riding. She has gained about 4 pounds since I got her, and gets along great with every animal she meets. She prefers to sleep under the covers, and is very picky about her snacks. I am so thankful we found each other. Thank you New Nodaway! – Abbey S.


I adopted Max (shelter name Scrappy) in June. Max had been thrown away in a cat carrier, and it was a struggle just driving him home in his carrier. Now Max enjoys long car trips to visit family and friends. At a routine vet visit, I found out Max has at least two BB gun pellets in him. Knowing Max had been so mistreated makes me appreciate his loving soul even more. Now he’s pretty spoiled and enjoys long naps in the middle of my bed. Thank you New Nodaway Humane Society for rescuing Max! – Kayla M.


I had been coming to the humane society for about a month and a half looking for my best friend. There were dogs that I liked but one day I walked into the kennel and I saw the most gorgeous, happy dog that I had ever seen. He had just been put out into the kennel after being in isolation waiting for someone to claim him, but no one ever did, lucky for me! I took him on a walk and it was love at first sight!

That weekend, Oggy came home to Iowa with me. He stole everyone’s hearts! Now he lives an amazing life. He gets tons and tons of treats, gets to go on car rides all the time (he goes everywhere I go), and of course lots of play time and cuddles! We discovered that Oggy is completely house trained, knew tricks and commands, and loved car rides!! Someone had lost an amazing animal! (luckily for me) That November day, I gained my absolute best friend! He can make any day better and can always always cheer me up!

Oggy enjoys his time inside playing with all of his toys (he has a ton of toys) but he particularly enjoys his stuffed polar bear and playing fetch with his tennis balls, well its not really fetch, its more I throw the ball and he goes to get it then runs around with it and I don’t get it back. Oggy enjoys chasing all the critters out on the farm and has become one heck of a sheep dog as well! He goes out with his grandpa (my dad) every night to do sheep chores! Oggy loves to go on walks at the lake and going on horse rides with me! He has truly become my absolute best friend and he is my world! I am so thankful to the New Nodaway Humane Society for allowing me to find and adopt my best friend! – Emily B.


My name is Buddy (shelter name Remington) and I have an adopted sister to play with so I am never bored. There is a great big yard for me to run and play in. So far we have spent the afternoon on the deck, got wet in the pond and have ate pecans, everyone else put theirs in a bucket, but not me. Sometimes I like to run off and visit the neighbors, but someone always comes after me. I get plenty of food and my shots are caught up. You would be so proud of me; I pranced into the Vet and pranced out when I was neutered. Didn’t see that coming!

You always said I was a sweetie but my adopted parents say I have many personalities. I think I have strutted and pranced into their hearts! Like a good puppy I chew on everything in sight, eat, sleep and poop a lot.

It is going to take me a little while but I am making head way on training my new owners and just wanted you to know that I am happy and plan to stay with them for a long time! – Dan & Deb S.buddy


My dog Sparky (shelter name Henry) is a great little friend. When I adopted him, he weighed about vive pound or so. Now he weighs over fifteen. He loves Taste of the Wild dog food and also loves some bread and bits of banana.

He is so smart, I talk to him a lot and he really understands. He loves to play with our cat when he goes outside and he has a lot of pep. He has one special chair and we watch TV and he lives to hear music.

I sure love Sparky and he is a great little companion. He’s great, an answer to my prayer! – Iva C.sparky


Sophie (shelter name, Mirror) has adjusted very well and seems content. The first two days were a little hectic (a lot of hiding under the bed) but she has settled.

She wants to be everywhere I am and she talks continuously — often asking questions. She is eating well, loves the five treats she gets daily and runs down thrown toy mice constantly.

I’m thankful for her and for your wonderful shelter. What a great service you supply. I’ve bragged about you to many. – Bev M.mirror


Bonnie has done very well. She didn’t like to be outdoors much in the beginning. The noises of traffic or dogs barking upset her but she’s much better now and will go out several times a day.

Bonnie loves to play ball and likes all kinds of toys. She gets pretty rough with her “brother” who was also adopted from NNHS. I’d say I have two ‘happy tails’. – Iva C.bonnie

Nick 3.0

Christmas Greetings!

These three months have been interesting. I got a new name right away. Mom wanted one syllable, a name that would go with ‘no’ easily! So I became Nick 3.0, as in this is the third ‘Nick’ they have had over the years.

Mom and Dad were concerned about me, I lived here about three weeks before I ever barked. Now I bark whenever anything in the neighborhood moves. I announce whenever anyone drives in, they seem to like that. I really like when the neighbor kids visit. They do not have a dog so I get their love! They call me Nick 3.0!

My coat has gotten darker and of course heavier for winter. Right away I made peace with one of the cats, as in it whipped me soundly. One I currently just ignore but the third one I am not sure how to take her. I try to play with her, she seems to play with me, she chases me, I chase her and when I get really into playing, she goes to the top of the stalls and I am pretty sure just to tease me.

I have my very own horse stall at night, complete with a lot of hay, feed, water and toys. Some of the toys I like to hide in the hay and watch Mom and Dad try to find them the next morning. During the day, I have a big outside pen (when it is not raining) and the run of the barn, that is except the baled hay. That was so much fun, until Dad discovered I was chewing the twine off and a bunch of bales were now loose hay. Dad put up a fence, now the hay is off limits unless they are with me. I also have a couple of wood boxes to run across and jump on. I am a jumper!

When I first got to my new home, they turned me loose in the barn. I ran and ran and ran back and forth. It felt sssooo good. Now I can run from the outside pen, thru my stall and thru the barn. I practice my turns and sprints a lot.

Mom says I am really a smart dog. I sit really good when told and now shake hands. I tried to get Mom to shake with my left paw, but she finally convinced me to use my right paw. Mom insists when I am on the lease with her, when she stops, I have to sit. Now that is BOREING! There is so much stuff to smell on the farm.

Neither Mom nor Dad are happy that I just tune them out if I am loose and have something better to investigate outside. I come when I get darn good and ready. I heard Mom say she was going to take me back to the orphanage if I didn’t come. But I am still here, so she must have just been kidding.

I have spent some time lately in the house. I have nice house manners. Mom and Dad are thinking I was a house dog in my first life. I am so obedient and quiet, not like when I am outside and act so wild.

Did I mention, Ellie from South Carolina is visiting for Christmas. That Cocker is old enough to be my grandmother so does not play much. But she did bring some pretty cool new toys with her. I haul them all into a pile in the next room and lay by them. She is just kinda of like ‘whatever’!

Mom and Dad think I may be older than they thought. I have not changed in size or weight, but they are sure I am a pup because I chew everything I can get hold of…leases, the side of the deck, gloves, toys, corncobs and my real favorite, the stall door. Mom is not too happy about that one. Oh yeah and I am a digger! When I was chained at the back door, I worked on the yard until it looked like a mine field. Dad did a little sodding to repair the yard when I got my new fenced pen.

Better get back to looking after the place!

Merry Christmas
Nick 3.0


Earlier this week, we got a visit from one of our current fosters, Roscoe, a Sheltie mix. Roscoe was diagnosed as heartworm positive after being transferred from a southwest Missouri kill shelter. Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease where foot-long worms (heartworms) that live in the heart, lungs and associated blood vessels of an affected pet.

Roscoe stopped by to visit exactly one week after receiving his heartworm treatment from SouthPaws Veterinary Clinic. He was in great spirits thanks to the support of his caring foster parents Adam and Ashley.

Roscoe still has several weeks ahead of him, but is well on his way to a full recovery. Thank you Adam and Ashley for opening your home and hearts. Fostering DOES saves lives!

Griffin Dexter (formerly Avalanche)

It all started on a Saturday night… I sent Kellie with Colorado Beagle Rescue a text about a picture I saw on Facebook… it was Avalanche. She responded to me, ‘Do you want to foster?’ This was a normal response from her whenever I would text her about a cute dog that was coming in town. I checked with Scott, my husband, and he said ok. I think that Kellie was surprised, but I could not stop staring at his little picture and his soulful eyes. We were on our way to being a Foster Family. I was excited! The kids were elated… they had been after us to foster a dog for quite some time. We had full intentions to foster him and then find the perfect Colorado home for him.

Fast forward to Wednesday night… My daughter, Payton, and I went to pick up Avalanche from transport. CBR had two dogs coming in that night and Avalanche was one of them. When he got off the van he was so excited! He wanted to sniff and get some love from humans. We started to make our way home about 20 minutes after he got off the van. Avalanche was a great little passenger in the car.

At home he immediately bonded with Cookie (as seen in the picture), our 4 year old Blue Tick Beagle. They ran and played for about an hour when we got home. Our older beagle even enjoyed him for a bit. The next day our senior beagle, Caffrey, passed away. It is difficult still. Avalanche was such a good and patient dog through this tragic time with our family. He would sit by us and comfort us and he would comfort Cookie when she needed it as well.

About a week went by and we decided we could not part with this sweet little soul. He came to us at a time when we both needed something and he meshed with our pack. We changed his name from Avalanche to Griffin Dexter. He is amazing and is loved. ~ Christine K.avalanche


Damon Johnson II, a NNHS volunteer, has been visiting Baxter for the past year. Last August, Damon commented that should Baxter still be at the shelter the following August when he moved into a house, that he’d adopted Baxter.

For the whole next year, a week rarely went by without Damon stopping in to visit Baxter. On Tuesday, Damon kept his promise and officially adopted Baxter. When it’s meant to be… IT’S MEANT TO BE!



Since Brittany and I got Penny in June, we’ve made a lot of progress! At first we learned a few things- Penny doesn’t get along too well with other dogs (So we let the neighbors know and laid down some precautions, and she’s doing a lot better now), she doesn’t like most treats, but is particularly fond of Pupparoni and Doggy Biscuits, she hates being alone, and would sleep all day if you let her, and Penny really loves baths.

At first, I won’t lie, I was worried. Penny wouldn’t respond to her name, she hardly ever listened to commands, and getting her into her kennel was a struggle. We also discovered that she really didn’t like it when the cat gets too close to her while she eats, and Penny tended to get really anxious whenever we would leave the apartment without her and leave us really stinky messes in her kennel.

But after a while, Penny’s personality really began to shine through and she has been slowly settling in. She now responds to her name and simple commands, when I approach her kennel, she automatically gets in without even having to be told, and she and Sparticus, our cat, get along pretty well (Or well enough that you can get considering she’s scared to death of the Sparticus when she’s in play-mode.) Sparticus also taught her to play like a cat, which sound cute, but a muscular dog like Penny is borderline terrifying when she rockets through the apartment. She’s absolutely adorable, though. She still gets anxious when we’re gone, leaving us a parting gift to come home to, but everything comes with time. I do not regret bringing her to her furever home. -Red Malottpenny


Do you remember Grace? She was a malnourished and timid fox terrier mix we had back in January. After not being able to find an adoptive family locally, Grace was taken into the care of Forever Home Dog Rescue. This past weekend, Grace finally found her forever home! grace


Tippy was adopted from NNHS about 15 months ago, and even though it took here a bit of time to get used to her new home, she’s doing great and her family loves her so much! We’re so glad that she’s happy and settling in well!tippy


Otto went through the Missouri Puppies for Parole program and is adjusting to his home wonderfully! He was with us at NNHS for at least 3 years, but he’s loving his new home, and he might just be getting spoiled rotten!otto


Remy (previously named Brooke) was adopted from NNHS in November of 2012.

Her family says, “she was our first dog and is absolutely wonderful. She loves exploring the outdoors and going for long runs! We are so happy that you cared for her before we brought her home!”


We would like to end 2014 with a very special Happy Tail! Our staff worked hard in partnership with Belgian Tervuren Rescue to find the perfect forever home for one our recent pups, Griffon! Here is part of a message from Cindy at Belgian Terv Rescue, ‘Just a quick note to let you know that Griffon is now in his new home! He is living in the Nashville, TN area with a woman (Judy) and her husband that have had Tervuren for the past 40 years. Judy is a “pillar” of the American Belgian Tervuren Club. After the first 24 hours, Judy said he is settling in, is a little confused and quite quiet – except when he’s roaring around playing with Cheerios – they immediately became fast friends. I have told many people that, in my rather extensive experience over the past 25 years of doing rescue, you and your shelter are heads and shoulders above all others to work with! You were so accommodating and flexible and you made it so easy for us (as well as taking such good care of Griffon!) Thanks again for your efforts and commitment to the homeless dogs in your area and I hope you and the rest of your staff are pleased with the happy outcome for Griffon!’ Happy forever home Griffon!


We have another great Happy Tail to share! Stumpy, now Milo who we announced was adopted this week has a sister!
“Him and Mollie are playing in the second one. Mollie was rescued 2 years ago from the humane society as well! We are happy parents” -Reed and Becky Pattee


My husband and I walked into Petco today to pick up lizard food. My sons begged to look at the kitties and we agreed. We were not looking for a cat, we have a young cat we adopted a few months ago already. However there was a HUGE black cat named Bonnie, who upon seeing up came up to the glass, nuzzling and meowing and saying LOVE ME! … I read her tag a learned she had been born in your shelter FOUR years ago, at about the same time as one of my sons birthdays and she had spent her entire life in your shelter. Bonnie stole our hearts, and we adopted her and took her home to her new FUREVER home. She is so sweet and loving and appears to be adjusting wonderfully to our home. She and her new fur sister and playing non stop. … I am so grateful this beautiful cat has come into our lives, and I promised her today that she would never be in a cage again. Thank you” We want to thank each and every forever home for giving our pets another chance at life. Bonnie finally knows what it feels like to be a pet! Thank you Teri and family!


Earlier this year we shared that Lambert and his sister Larissa were transferred to a wonderful organization in Iowa called Patriots for Pets Rescue and Shelter Inc.! This week Lambert’s new family posted an update: ‘He is doing great considering he is in an environment he has never been in before. He is finally eating and still trying to get the hang of how to use the steps. We will continue to give him the love he deserves.’ Thank you to everyone who takes in one of our less socialized pets and works with them. We know they have love to give, they just need a family to help!lambert


I just wanted to send you guys a message letting you know how thankful I am for everything you do. I adopted a little dachshund about 2 months ago. She loves her new brother and sister. I thought you would like to know she is loving life in Nebraska! – Katie


From the time that my fiance and I saw Wallflower (we are volunteers at the shelter), we knew she would be the perfect addition for our family.  We already had one boy kitten her age, and we knew she would give him a run for his money.  Needless to say, Dexter and Wallflower seem to have been separated at birth.  They are a perfect match!  We love Wallflower very much–she is such a tiny little girl, but she has a big personality.  We are very thankful that the New Nodaway Humane Society found her and that she came into ours (and her brother Dexter’s) life!


In June of 09′ we got our little fluff-nugget diva, Bingo. We got Bingo for my daughter’s 8th birthday. We had recently lost another one of our cats and thought a new addition would be great.We live on a farm with cows, a dog, and another cat and he gets along with them great. He’s an outside kitty but occasionly we let him in to play.Thanks Nodaway County Humane Society for our great kitty. – Kendra Laffey
Bingo New Nodaway Humane Society


Kallie (shelter name, Kali) was brought to the shelter in the summer of 2009 by her previous owner, who had to leave Maryville in search of work.  Like many black dogs, Kallie wasn’t fortunate enough to find a home very quickly.  After hearing what a good girl she was, I adopted her in March 2011.  It took Kallie a little while to adjust to her new home, but she has become a very important member of our family.  She is, indeed, a good, good girl! – Sharon SamsonKallie New Nodaway Humane Society


Blueberry is my little escape artist.  The smallest hole in the fence and she will find it!  She was adopted in June 2010 after previously being adopted and returned to the shelter.  She loves playing with her big brother, Jesse, or laying across the back of the couch and watching the world go by.  The thing she likes best, though, is snuggling with me! – Sharon SamsonBlueberry New Nodaway Humane Society


A German Shepherd/Black Lab mix, Jesse (shelter name, JC) is my gentle giant.  He was picked up by animal control in early 2006.  The Buddy Program was just starting that spring, and Jesse was one of my first shelter Buddies.  I spent time with him every week during the summer when I had time off from work.  Jesse was adopted just before Christmas 2006.  He is such a good boy.  I am lucky to have him! – Sharon SamsonJesse New Nodaway Humane Society

Kippy and Minnie

At twelve years old, Kippy and Minnie are my “geezers”.  Someone from one of the area towns brought them to the shelter in June 2000.  He said their mama had appeared at his place and had a litter of 5.  Shortly after having the puppies, the mama disappeared.  The kind man cared for the pups until they were 3 months old.  Minnie was one of the featured shelter dogs at the “doggy derby”, a fund raising event that the shelter hosted in October of 2000.  After meeting sweet, mind-mannered Minnie, I decided to adopt both her and her brother, Kippy.  What is little lovebug he is!  They were the only two pups that hadn’t been adopted yet.  They have given me 12 years of love & devotion. – Sharon SamsonSharon Samson


I first met Cisco when I began walking dogs at the humane society. I had recently lost my previous dog due to being hit by a car and was very afraid to commit to another animal. I walked Cisco for over a week and loved him but was still wary. I came in one day and they told me someone seemed interested in Cisco and that he may be gone the next day. At that moment I went to my car and got my checkbook! I guess I just needed a push to get him! He’s been the best thing that’s happened to me! He is very smart, cuddly and looooves belly rubs! When he wants attention he nibbles on my hand until I pet him and then he will flop over onto his back to get a nice tummy rub! I can’t imagine my life without my little man (: -Kyndra Light



Daisy (shelter name, Tag) is a 10 month old shepherd mix that we adopted on December 29th, 2012. Day one – she was afraid of her own shadow. However, our 5 yr old Golden Retriever immediately bonded with her and is busy showing her the ropes. She is slowly learning how to trust her owners and is coming out of her shell. Just this morning, I caught a glimpse of her walking around the house with her held high…I could only imagine what she was thinking about her new forever home. We thank the Nodaway Humane Society for finding and caring for this little cutie until we came to adopt her! – Kelley O’Riley 
Daisy New Nodaway Humane Society

Sophia – Forever Home Facebook Contest Honorable Mention

I adopted “Sophia” from the New Nodaway Humane Society in August of 2009. We call her Momma now and she is the most beautiful kitty. I love Momma because she reads with me every night and is extra cuddly on Sundays. She had been adopted and brought back the to the shelter three times when I decided to bring her home. I like to think she was just waiting to find her perfect match! – Leslie Murphy

Sophia New Nodaway Humane Society

Bentley – Forever Home Facebook Contest Winner

Two years ago, last September 8th, this little guy came to me from NNHS through Colorado Beagle Rescue. His shelter name was Bentley and I kept it because I thought it suited him perfectly. He was fat and dirty and they said he would need surgery for his back legs, which they suspected had torn ACLs. Turns out he just needed someone to spend a little time with him, get him on a good diet and love him a lot. There isn’t anything to operate on as the scar tissue has taken over and he has no cartilage left in his knees. Does that stop him? It does not. He takes meds for arthritis and he runs, jumps and plays with me and his stuffed bunny…a favorite. I can’t tell you how much he has improved my life. He elicits wide grins from nearly everyone on the street and I am constantly told how handsome he is. What I love most about him is that he is confident. He likes to be in the same room that I am in and he knows I like for him to be next to me on the sofa or while I work at my desk, but he’s not an ‘in your face’ kind of dog. He loves his own space and will allow you to cuddle with him for only so long. He is not afraid of noise, cars, horses or anything. He is a special little guy who loves his belly rubbed, adores kids and other dogs! – Joseph PowellBentley New Nodaway Humane Society