Bella (NNHS Hadley)

Hello! My new name is Bella (previously known as Hadley) I am slowly adjusting to the new house and my big brother but so far so good! I love all of my toys, I’m not quite sure about car rides yet but I do know I love to take naps and go on walks with my new mom and brother! Thank you guys for finding me my forever home!
~Olivia H.

Dublin (NNHS Hooch)

One full year with our hound dog Dublin (NNHS Hooch). We love him endlessly and he has for sure made our home more exciting every day he have had him. He is wicked smart (can open doors and the dog food container) We are convinced he can tell time because he knows when it should be breakfast/dinner time and howls relentlessly if we are running late. He is a great hiking buddy and loves camping/being outdoors. We would’ve never found him had it not been for the Humane Society, so we thank you guys greatly for allowing us to take him home a year ago today.
~Kelsey A.

Fiona & Zoey

Taking a moment to focus on something positive, this is Fiona and Zoey, our sweet and loving furry family members. My husband and I adopted them from NNHS way back when we were in college, and I’m happy to say that they’re still going strong at nearly 16 years old!
~Kate C.


Missy came to us as such a timid dog. She wasn’t too sure about us, but she immediately got attached to the couch and spent the first couple of days snuggled into it. We couldn’t get over how quiet she was. Now, after a week, we are seeing more and more of her personality come out. She is such a sweet and playful dog! Our kids keep telling her she’s the best dog ever, and we’re thankful to have her as a companion and walking buddy during this time of being stuck at home. She still loves snuggling on the couch but also loves playing fetch and is always aware of where all the birds are. She is very smart, and it’s obvious that her Puppies for Parole experience gave her a wonderful foundation of training and socialization.
~Emily B.


We brought Snoopy home in March and he settled in just like he’d always been a part of our home! He explored for about 10 minutes before finding a comfy spot to relax in. So far his favorite spot seems to be my daughter’s bed, but we sometimes find him in my son’s bedroom too. He’s the perfect addition to our family, and we love his calm, snuggly demeanor.
~Brandy P.

Sampson (NNHS Dawson)

Sampson (NNHS Dawson) is enjoying his new home! He has started playing and cuddling with his new family, in his forever home! Sampson enjoys snoring in his sleep, cuddling with mommy, and eating LOTS of food!! Sampson is even enjoying his 3 year old cousin, even though he is loud sometimes! We all love Sampson so much!
~Bailey O.

Halo (NNHS Marie)

Halo (NNHS Marie) has adjusted well to her new surroundings and is very playful and full of curiosity. It only took her a couple of days to claim my office chair as hers! So everyday when I leave, I place her bed there. She loves to investigate everything on my desk and plays with the pens and prefers to sit on whatever papers I need to be working on at the moment. Last week I placed a cat tree near a window and she occupies herself by playing with the dangling mouse, ball, and rope. She enjoys the two perches and the condo and the scratching posts get a workout. In the afternoon when she begins to have difficulty staying awake, she will jump up into my lap, make herself comfortable and rest her head on the keyboard shelf and nap–so all work must cease for awhile. My productivity has declined since Halo came into my life, but I am enjoying life more. Her antics often make me laugh and that is good for my soul!
~Valerie S.

Asa (NNHS Frappuccino)

Asa (NNHS Frappuccino) has been the best thing to get us through sheltering-at-home. He is full of personality. He loves cuddling, loves his stuffed dragon, and hates birds. He is very smart, knowing sit, shake, and lay down (and knowing he can get treats by doing these in rapid succession). He loves meeting new furry friends (but we haven’t fully grasped the concept of greeting by NOT jumping in their face). He loves his adult friends even more and is so easy to get along with. Asa has been the best thing for us.
~Adam B.

JP (NNHS Gilbert)

I would love to say another big thank you, JP (NNHS Gilbert) is a wonderful healthy puppy who has grown to 15 pounds since I had got him from you guys just a couple months ago. Here is a few good pictures starting with when you guys took his first pictures, to a cute foggy picture, and then thanksgiving, to him being so beautiful in the reflections of the shades. And to yesterday him sitting on his friends paw.
~Lucas J.


I adopted Tank 4 months ago from the New Nodaway Humane Society. He is quite the character and such a cuddle bug. He enjoys going on walks, chewing on his stuffed gopher, eating treats, and picking on his big brother! He still has his bad days when it comes to separation anxiety and accidents on the floor, but he sure knows he is loved! Tank has found his furever home.
~Madison J.

Harley (NNHS Hydro Thunder)

We adopted Harley (NNHS Hydro Thunder) after reading his story of him & his siblings being misplaced by the flooding last year, he just celebrated his 1st birthday and couldn’t be happier! He loves playing with his older brothers and getting himself into a little mischief now & then. He’s a great dog and we are so happy he’s in our family!
~Katie M.


Fury was the missing puzzle piece to our family, she definitely mommy’s girl but adore her dad too. She’s the best big sister we could’ve asked for her little sister Marlo. Thank you NNHS for our sweet girl!??
~Alyssa F.

Beau (NNHS Dean)

Hi! I just wanted to send in an update of our Beau (NNHS Dean). We adopted him on December 4th and he’s now 8 months old and a whopping 50 pounds! It turns out he is actually full coonhound, no beagle!
Beau has a lot of energy as any puppy should. He is officially house trained and hasn’t had an accident inside in weeks. He loves to play with my parents Westie and go for long walks. He just went swimming for the first time yesterday! When he’s tired he loves to snuggle and be close to mom and dad, but during daytime hours he is as crazy as can be. Beau has learned some basic commands such as sit, lay down, and shake! He’s very smart and eager to learn more.
~Delaney J.


We love the new addition to the family! Davis is a funny and energetic cat! He loves the house we made for him. Davis doesn’t really like to explore, but almost everywhere we go, he goes too. We have taught him some tricks, such as jumping, following and much more. Davis spends most of his time in his house on the front porch in the sun. We even made him a little toy out of yarn and hair bands. Davis loves to jump up on our laps and get a nice head scratch. Our neighbor’s dog likes to come over and see what Davis is doing, but Davis always shows her who is boss. Thanks to the New Nodaway Humane Society we have a super awesome cat!
~ The Davison Family

Lacy & Rusty

We adopted 2 doggos (Lacy & Rusty) from the shelter!!💓💙 They are the sweetest little lovers ever! They both love the farm and play fight 24/7. We can’t wait to show them the lives they should’ve had from the start.
~Sabrynn U.

Fletch (NNHS Fletcher)

Fletch (NNHS Fletcher) came home with us on January 14th so we consider his “gotcha day” as his birthday. Fletch went to work (vet office) with me the next day and went through a barrage of testing which came out mostly normal. He’s one heck of a devoted puppy and we have been blessed by his super sweet personality.
~Marlene S.

Paisley (NNHS Roma)

Roma (NNHS Paisley) was adopted into our family in 2013. We fell in love with the spunky cat with tufted ears, and have stayed that way for 7 years. Since her adoption, she has become a big sister to two other small animals with large personalities. Even though she’s mellowed out, she still keeps us on our toes. Our family is so grateful she found us. ❤️
~Cassidy S.

Ziggy (NNHS Joy)

I adopted Ziggy (NNHS Joy) about two month ago. She was very shy and timid and hid under everything. I was worried that she didn’t like me or my home. As time went by she started coming out more and now she won’t leave me alone when we’re trying to sleep! She loves to cuddle and be pet when in bed. Laying on the bed is her favorite place! She just started exploring other rooms in the house! You have permission to share my story to Facebook. I have some photos of her as well.
~Maggie J.

Rudy (NNHS Wilbert)

Rudy (NNHS Wilburt) is such a wonderful addition to our family and is definitely making himself at home! We are head over heels in love with this sweet boy, and we couldn’t be more thankful for him! He was a little unsure of his brother Ozzie at first, but now they play all day long together! He constantly wants cuddles, and never wants to leave your side.. even when I’m doing the dishes! A HUGE thank you to the New Nodaway Humane Society for letting us adopt our little Rudy!
~Rachel R.


I just want to thank you guys so much for letting me adopt Macy she is definitely the missing piece to our little family. Macy and Camo are quite the pair, we love both of them so much. Thanks again.
~Sharee V.


Just wanted to send an update on Lulu! We adopted her in November and it has been so amazing! Lulu is the best dog we could have ever asked for. She loves doing everything with us! She has met quite a few dogs that she has been very civil with. Lulu is very happy and is very spoiled ❤️
~Kaleb H.

Penelope (NNHS Easter)

Hi! We adopted Penelop (NNHS Easter) or Penny for short, back in August. We figured we would send in pics of her adjusting to her new life with us for Happy Tails! She loves playing with her stuffed carrot, taking long naps, and looking out the window at the birds. She is the sweetest cat ever and makes a great addition to our family. Here are some photos!
~Kala D.


We adopted Joker right before Christmas and he was the best Christmas present we could have asked for! He likes to cuddle, whether it’s with his humans or his sister he loves it all. He is the perfect fit for our family and we are so thankful New Nodaway Human Society gave is the opportunity to meet such a sweet boy.

~Courtney S.


There are so many wonderful things I could say about this lovable girl, Rosabella “Bella”. She came to us this summer as a medical foster after being diagnosed with a seizure disorder. When I met her at the shelter, it was love at first sight. I mean who can resist those gorgeous, dark eyes! My husband met her shortly after and it was a quick fall for him too!! She had not yet had the privilege of getting to be a “dog” but boy she picked up quickly on the fun of play, cat teasing 😂, belly rubs, treat time, and loving her people! It didn’t take long before we realized that we loved her too much to let her go. So first time foster parents became first time foster fails and the rest is history!
Bella has grown a LOT, she is healthy and her seizures are well managed with medication. She loves her furry siblings and even got to join the excitement last month of helping us announce her upcoming promotion to big sister as we are expecting our first baby this spring!! Her guard dog instincts are already proving that she will be an excellent big sister to this new little friend as she loves to rest her head on my growing belly!! Thank you New Nodaway Humane Society for all your support and for allowing us the privilege of caring for Bella girl!! She is home to stay!
~The Finneys


We have had Gilly since August 2018. He is such a goofy, happy boy. He loves to go on “adventures” in Maryville. We have had to start taking him outside on a leash because he thinks it’s so much fun to explore through backyards. Gilly is the black one and that’s his brother Bentley. They are the best of friends and cannot be apart from each other.
~Alison S.


We adopted Will the cat 3 years ago. He has a best friend named Maggie the dachshund. He was returned to NNHS because he had stomach issues, so we adopted him and NNHS got him on the right cat food and we have never had any problems. He is a cuddler and loves attention. We love having him as a member of our family!! Thanks for the great experience!!
~Holly & Danny L.


I adopted Livvy last February. When I first got her, she really did not want attention. Since then, she has become very spoiled. Her favorite thing is taking naps and being a bed hog. When she isn’t taking a nap, she is chasing the laser, laying in her tunnel, or learning new tricks. So far she has learned how to sit and fist bump.
~Ashley H.

Pongo & Perdi

Pongo and Perdi’s first Christmas. They got lots of treats, toys, antlers, and balls. They were so excited they could hardly stand it. Perdi kept trying to sneak her stocking away to get inside it. Pongo was all smiles when his present was opened.
~Sara P.


I (Mia/Meatball) love my new home! I get to cuddle with my mom all day and go on walks around the apartment complex. I get really excited to see other dogs around, but they don’t seem as enthused to see me most of the time. My mom keeps buying me toys but I’m not sure when she’s going to get the hint that I am only entertained by ripping the stuffing out of them. I make mom proud by showing off my skills and sitting and laying for her, I get treats often which gives me a big incentive to be on my best behavior for her! I am full of energy and love giving new visitors kisses. Mom says I do really good at bath time and it seems to be pretty relaxing for me. I love getting my tummy rubbed & laying on anyone and everyone makes me feel safe and secure. I look out windows often, there are just too many noises not to be interested!! At night mom let’s me sleep in bed with her. I love getting under the blankets and cuddling with her all night long.
~Kenzie A.


I adopted London back in November and she’s been a ray of sunshine in our lives ever since. She loves to play with her feather flyer, take naps in the sun all day, and look out the window at the birds and squirrels. She’s such a sweet girl and I’m more than happy to have her as a part of the family!
~Noah Y.

It has been a year since I have adopted Onyx! His personality has grown tremendously! He likes to cuddle, play tog of war, go on walks, and especially car rides! He also LOVES attending Paws at the Pub! Onyx also loves his furry brother, Taz. Onyx and I are definitely best friends!
~Halee N.

Curly (NNHS King)

We adopted Curly (NNHS King) three months ago. He is such a sweet pup and fits in well with his siblings. His potty training is progressing well and he is learning commands “sit and down”. Such a smart boy! He likes to play hard, especially with chewers, and nap hard after lol. Thanks for allowing us to add to our furry family – he is loved!!!
~Christina D.


I hope everyone there had great holidays. We did and Aurora played a large part in that. She has been a fantastic addition to our lives. My mom swore she would never have or love a dog again and well that went out the door right away. I only have a few good pictures because she is so animated. She loves to play ball. She has destroyed 6 kong tennis balls 3 ratchet balls and all the toys you sent with her except the tug of war rope. I will be ordering some hopefully more durable toys and new food.
She does have some issues. I ground turkey and cooked 9 hard-boiled eggs to make turkey salad and deviled eggs. I had cooled and peeled the eggs but left them in the colander in the sink. 10 minutes later my mom asked me where the eggs where and I said in the sink, well, actually, they were in Aurora’s belly. We were stunned but got a good laugh and she seemed no worse for the wear. did re-cook the eggs but now the kitchen has to be guarded..lol. I am a little worried, she eats like a horse but never seems to be satisfied.
I thank you once again for the gift you have given me and my family. If she could talk, she would tell you life is good with us. For the time being, just a few pictures and then more to follow.
~Bill C.

Oberon (NNHS Sam)

I adopted Oberon (NNHS Sam) on Black Friday. Since then he has become very fond of my other cat (who was not friendly to other cats) and now they are inseparable. Adopting Obe was the best decision I made in 2019!! He has completely brought out a new side to my first kitty Nova and makes me smile everyday.
~Brooke R.



I wanted to thank you for helping me find Elroy, who was my best friend for five years. My roommates and I adopted Elroy from the shelter in 2014. He was quiet and scared at first but, after a few days, he started joyfully greeting my roommates and I every time one of us walked in the door.

I ended up taking Elroy with me when I graduated but his other moms kept in contact and occasionally took him for a few days to spend some time with him. Elroy was by my side through law school and my first year out of school. He slept with me every night and kept me company when I pulled all-nighters to study. Elroy became a part of the community in Maryville and a beloved member of my family. We explored Maryville and Lincoln, Nebraska during long walks. He even got to join one of his moms and I for a day at the Omaha zoo.

I had to help Elroy pass to the Rainbow Bridge last February after he suddenly became very sick. Elroy was 13 years old when he passed. Thanks to your shelter’s care for Elroy when he was looking for a home, I got to love Elroy for five of those years.

When I first saw Elroy at your shelter, I had no idea how much joy, love, fun, and companionship he would bring into my life, the lives of his other moms, my family, and everyone who had the privilege of spending time with him.

I have two jack russell terriers now, both of whom remind me of Elroy in different ways. Like Elroy, Bentley is calm and has such a gentle spirit. Kavya shares Elroy’s penchant for loyalty and sense of wonder.

Though I no longer live in Lincoln, I still follow your shelter’s Facebook page and encourage others to consider adopting from Maryville. Thank you for giving a Elroy – shy little older dog – a chance and allowing my friends and I to take him into our home.

~Melissa P.


Butler & Daisy

I just want you to know. Butler means the word to me! And so does Daisy. Butler has very much picked me as his person and Daisy has picked my daughter. This is a picture of how Butler thinks he needs to sleep with me at night.
~Natisha H.

Luke (NNHS Thanos)

On October 5th I (NNHS Thanos) went to live with a new family. It was definitely a strange experience being in a new place after spending so much time at the shelter. The first day was so stressful and I didn’t know if I would make it. My new family started calling me by a new name. Luke became my new name.
I could tell that there was another cat at my new home but I didn’t know where he was. After a few hours I met my new brother, Milo, by accident. The meeting was definitely scary. Milo did not like me one bit. He was growling and hissing at me. I tried to act calm though and didn’t let that bother me.
After that encounter, my new family took the next several days to integrate me into the house. They would let me roam the house for a few hours and then switch Milo and me out so he could roam the house for a few hours. My new family had doubts that Milo and I would get along. They were afraid that they would have to return me to the shelter.
Switching Milo and I out every few hours made all the difference though. Milo and I met each other again several days after our first encounter. Milo was so friendly and playful. We instantly hit it off! I could tell within a few hours that we were going to be best friends and guess what? Milo and I are now best friends! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my new brother.
Since then, I have been so happy living with my new family. I get to roam the house all of the time. I also have my favorite sitting spot at the window. I look outside at the birds and all of the other pretty things out there. My favorite thing though is playing with my brother! Milo and I have so much fun wrestling and chasing each other around the house. When I am not doing any of that; I am napping either in my chair or on the couch.
I am definitely glad that my new family chose me. I am also glad that they gave Milo and I a chance to warm up to each other. They have been great and I love it here!

Ella (NNHS Jane)

Hey everyone, Ella here! (NNHS Jane)

As you already know, I have so much to be thankful for this year! My journey hasn’t been easy, but on November 15th, my new family came and adopted me!! Now, I’m settling nicely into my new furever home on the farm just in time to enjoy some turkey on Thanksgiving Day!

After taking some time to adjust, I’ve finally started showing my goofy puppy personality! I have lots of space to run and play and I love chasing birds into the corn fields around my new home. I also like to chase and play with my new human brother and sister! Sometimes they don’t like when I’m too ruff, but I just want to play with them. We are all learning to get along. Mom and Dad are teaching me the rules of the house and different words to listen for. I love learning new things because it means I get nibbles of cheese!

I have a whole basket of toys and chews! My favorite things to do are defluff my stuffies and destroy tennis balls. Luckily, Mom and Dad found some stuffies and balls that are harder to tear apart. My new parents finally found a kibble I like, and my favorite treats are steak, chicken and mozzarella cheese.

Bedtime is my favorite part of the day. Mom and Dad call me a bed hog because I like to sprawl out between them and take up as much room as possible, but I just love to snuggle and be close to them. My new family loves me so much and I fit in perfectly with them.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your people and pets!
Paws, sniffs and licks,


We adopted Hazel last November when she was just a tiny thing. She is so loving and playful and can’t seem to get close enough to us. Her preferred sleeping spot is right up on our shoulders with her face next to ours or snuggling in our arms like she is a baby. She does enjoy trying to get our other cat to play and they have occasionally been caught napping near each other. Hazel has been the perfect addition to our family. She has been a ray of sunshine during these endless cloudy winter days!
~Brandy B.

Murphy (NNHS Enrique)

It’s only been a few days but wanted to give you an update on Murphy (NNHS Enrique). It’s definitely a slow process, but he had a bath last night and came out of his kennel on his own today and is playing with his toys and looking like he wants to interact with the other two dogs. I see this as progress! I will report after we get more time under our belt, but wanted to let you all know it’s going great so far! We love having him!!!
~Chris S.

Birdie & Dolly

Birdie is such a character! She can be very selective of people. Birdie has overcome a lot since bringing her home; at first she was very fearful, but she has gained a lot of confidence in her time with us.
Birdie really was not big on walks; but such a bundle of energy! After some time with us, we thought maybe another dog would be a good addition, to help with her energy and build her confidence some more.

We picked Dolly, and Dolly is perfect!! Dolly is so patient with Birdie’s energy, and where ever Dolly goes, Birdie goes – so now Birdie goes on long walks! Dolly’s calm confidence has helped Birdie as well. They are both snuggle bugs, they share the toys marvelously, they both adore car rides, and get along super well in car together.

~Renee H.

Lucy (NNHS Jill)

We adopted Lucy (NNHS Jill) in November. She has been such a blessing to our family after losing our very best friend just a week before. She’s spunky and fully of energy! She likes to try and play with the kitties but they haven’t quite taken to her yet. One of her favorite things to play with is a tennis ball which she loves to play fetch with. She has definitely made herself at home here!
~Tanna S.


Happy Holidays! I just wanted to let you know that I am getting soooo big and have quiet the personality. I have learned a few tricks and love the days that I get to go play with my sister, Karlee. Life is good and I am a very happy boy. Here are some pictures of me. I got to meet Santa and he said I’m on the nice list! Hope all is well in Missouri. Love Lee
~Brianna V.


Thought I would send an update of Jolene AKA Lena. She is growing, but still small. She loves everyone the she sees. Her favorite spot is on mama’s chest. She is very stubborn and very intelligent. She knows how to get what she wants. We love her so much. She constantly makes us laugh at the mischievous things she does. She is right at your feet doing everything we do. She is definitely been an absolute blessing. She loves her 2 cat brothers and only 1 of the 2 dogs. She has brought life back to my old boy cat. He is getting lots of exercise because of her. Thank you!
~ Kaley F.

Shania & Hershey

As you can tell these two really LOVE each other. Shania and Hershey are the best of friends and when it’s nap time they cuddle with Mommy and Daddy or each other. We adopted Shania from the shelter in June when she was 2 months old and after Hershey picked me while I visited the shelter she joined our family in September at the age of two months. We couldn’t be happier to have these ornery, lovable, spoiled rotten non stop entertaining little girls.
~Melissa M.

Finn (NNHS Emerson)

Hello! My name is Finn (NNHS Emerson) and today is my 4 month birthday! My new mommy and daddy spoil me with treats and toys, but my favorite are the cuddles. I try to swim in the toilet sometimes but mommy won’t let me… I am very happy in my new home and love be the center of attention! Thanks NNHS for helping me find my furever home!
~ Abby B.


It started out with me scrolling through adoptable pets on on NNHS Facebook page one night when I couldn’t sleep. We have one dog and was not looking to get another one. I fell in love with Bud’s cute, fat face! There was an adjustment period but once he adjusted to our home.. we fell madly in love with him. I have never been around a more affectionate animal in my whole life. We love him and we think he’s pretty happy too. ??

~ Pickering Family

Oliver (NNHS Enrique)

Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers of the Humane Society for all you do! Thank you for my dear sweet, very ornery Oliver (NNHS Enrique). I came across his photo on Facebook during a very sad time in my life. Two weeks earlier I had lost my dear sweet cat, Mister, unexpectedly. I knew I eventually wanted to adopt but at the time that was furthest from my mind. My friend told me I would know when I was ready and boy was she right. The minute I seen him I fell in love. There was just something about him. I loved him before I meet him. I made sure I was first in line to meet him. Boy am I glad. My love for him was confirmed when I held him the first time. I think I even cried.
This little boy has brought me so much joy and happiness. It is so indescribable. I couldn’t imagine life without him. He has helped me in so many ways and I am so thankful I’m his mommy. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Again, thank you. Your jobs can’t be easy.
~Love, Pam & Princess Leia

Pongo & Perdi

Hello. I thought I’d send you an update on Pongo and Perdi. This year we had our first Halloween and they seemed to enjoy it. They were little hesitant about the costumes. Once Perdi learned that the costume meant we got to go somewhere she was all about it. Pongo in the other hand just wanted it to all be over. They are both doing very well and will be getting spoiled at the holidays.
~ Sara P.

Millie & Monte

Our family is so full and happy because of our decision to adopt from the New Nodaway Humane Society. Charlie (left) was a private rescue almost 8 years ago from a family who no longer wanted him. He was happy, but we wanted to give him a companion.

Enter Millie (right) who was a high needs case 3 years ago at NNHS. Numerous people donated to help her through surgery to repair a broken jaw. We watched her progress for several weeks and wondered why no one had adopted her. Now we know she was meant to be a part of our family. ❤️She is a happy, healthy, and comical addition to our family.

Then, this July, NNHS featured Monte (center). We instantly fell in love with him and after our whole family, furry and not met him, we knew he was supposed to be a part of us, too. Monte had to learn to “dog”. He was afraid of the grass, being outside, most people, food, water in a bowl, and nearly everything that was introduced to him. Charlie and Millie showed him how to accept treats and play with toys, use the doggy door, and potty outside. We have now gotten to know the quirky, hilarious, and absolutely charming side to Monte. We feel so fortunate to have been chosen to be his forever family. Thank you New Nodaway Humane Society for bringing us together!

~ Ashley K.


“My sister sent me photos of Harvey while she lived in Maryville and I lived in Columbia at the time. I knew right away I wanted to rescue him! 7 years later he is the most spoiled rotten pooch on the planet! He is the sweetest boy and so affectionate! He loves running on our farm and laying in bed with everyone in the house! He loves visiting parks for walks too! He’s the best decision I ever made! Thank you Nodaway for matching me with my partner in crime! He is the happiest pup!”
~ Nikki S.

Binx (NNHS Storm)

“This is Binx (NNHS Storm) when we adopted him he had a shaved neck from being sick but he made himself right at home with us. He loves to cuddle and play with his brother Ryker. He is the biggest snuggle bug we’ve met and loves everyone he meets!”
~ Morgan F.

Sammie Kay

Two weeks ago we adopted Sammie Kay now known as Bingo from your shelter. What a good girl! She is enrolled in training classes, likes to visit the dog park but most of all she loves exploring the trails by our house. We love Bingo. Thank you for all you did for her!
~ Pam W.

Hunter (NNHS Hobo)

Hobo wasn’t responding to his name very well so we tried Hunter and he has responded best to that! He is Sooooo loveable! Him and his new sister Pixie get along great! They love to play together! He is a great cuddle dog and has slept in bed with us every single night! Hunter did turn out to be potty trained and can lay down and sit! We are working with him on shaking currently! Thank you guys sooo much for allowing us to adopt this pretty boy! ❤️
~ Melissa F.


Hi just wanted to show you guys how great Oreo is doing! Or happy tails 😊. She loves to cuddle, play fetch, chew on raw hides and bones. She loves other puppies so she gets so excited when she knows we are going to the “farm”. We haven’t had any accidents since day one! She sleeps in bed with me, naps with me and we go on several walks everyday as she is just a ball of energy. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to keep me company and be a walking motivator!
~ Kassadie M.

Stella (NNHS Jane)

“I got Stella (NNHS Jane) June 26th and she has been such a good addition to my life. When I got her the person up front said they were just starting to see her personality so I was worried that she wouldn’t but as soon as I got her home she was so loving and caring and still is. She’s such a good cat and I’m so happy I adopted her.”
~ Cassidy S.


We adopted Ollie from the shelter last September and she’s the perfect fit for our growing family! It took her some time to adjust and she was skittish at first. Now she’s glued to us and very vocal and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Shortly after we got her we found out we were expecting a little one. She loved to sleep on my belly and would knead my stomach until the baby kicked each night at bedtime. Now she enjoys cuddling with the baby all day and even gets up with us when he wakes up for feedings at night, she loves being wherever he is. If he wakes up from a nap crying she runs to the room we’re in and meows until we follow her.

She’s also helped our part Maine Coon cat Little Bear tremendously. Before Ollie came along she was a very temperamental cat but when we introduced Ollie to the family Little Bear became more sweet and laid back. We just love Ollie so much and wanted to share the positives of being patient with an animal who may need extra time to adjust to a new home.
~ Ashley M.



Charlie is doing great…been a week since he joined our family and we love him so much. He is definitely a love bug…we have learned we need to mind mom and dad and not chew on shoes and socks!! I just prefer them over my toys..mom and dad bought me a new toy today to see if it helps! 😀
~ Brenda F.


Rambo is now 135 pounds and full of energy! He loves to play and pick on his sister, Stella. Rambo has never met a stranger and loves to get attention from any and everybody around. His favorite pastime is cuddling with Dad and sister. He has been such a perfect match for our family!

~Nikki C.

Little Man (Cheech)

I adopted “Cheech” on August 2, 2019. We call him little man now because he was super tiny and it stuck! When I adopted him he unfortunately had the ring worm that had going around in the center, but he’s clear now! He was a trooper during his dips and takes medicine like a champ.

Since coming into our home he has made friends with my boyfriend’s pug, but unfortunately not his older sisters yet (work in progress)! He’s a bit too crazy for them 😂

He never gets tired and he’s always running around. He likes to play in his litter box (😭) and loves his treats/soft food. Everyone who comes into contact with him loves him. He’s a great addition to our family! 😊

~ Brittany R.

Lady (NNHS Semi)

We have moved to Iowa because I accepted a new job, Lady (NNHS Semi) had a rough start to the transition and she chewed up a few things. I think she may have been triggered that we were gonna abandon her. However with some diligence, a vet visit, and some changes to our schedule to ensure she gets a lunch walk and we have successfully overcome the chewing. The vet suggested crating her so I bought one and could just never bring myself to crate her. She does however enjoy sitting in there with a bone in the evening sometimes lol. It never lasts long though as she would much rather be in our laps and that is where we prefer her as well. She was already such a good girl but we have been working on off leash with her and she is doing great, some distractions arise as she is still young and full of energy but she truly is a great fit to our family!
~ Natalie T.


We adopted Brien as a early birthday gift for my son Logan. We were volunteering and Brien would crawl into Logan’s lap each time we visited. I think he more so adopted us than the other way around lol. He has adapted like a pro we have 3 small dogs a d one other cat and he never batted a eye at them he lays beside them and fits right in with no problems. He is a extreme cuddle bug, we love him so much already and he is bonding with Logan already. He slept with him all night last night. Thank you for helping all the shelter animals. We will be back to volunteer again soon.
~ Katy M.


I can say I know its soon but Maurice even after being in the shelter for almost a year is still house trained! She has been amazing. We left her out while at work today and (knock on wood) no accidents and she didn’t get into anything.
We took her to Petco yesterday and she did very well also! She has been good with the girls and listens very well!
~ Amber F.

Ladybug (NNHS Tara)

Ladybug aka Lady (NNHS Tara) is fitting right into her new home! She’s a cuddle bug and aims to please her people. She even smiles when we say her name! She loves her little people, car rides, chew bones, laying in bed with mom and dad. She hates baths lol she’s the calmest pup I’ve ever met! We love her so much already ❤️💓
~ Kylie C.


Just wanted to send some photos of Copper in her new home. She’s cuddled up with Cocoa (aka Mimi) who we adopted from NNHS a few years ago. Copper has been a great addition to our family. We love her to pieces.

~ Barb B.

Tum Tum Titan

Tum Tum Titan loves his moo moo and loves car rides with mama. He also is a lap dog and doesn’t truly know how big he is. He loves to do frisbee with his new best friends Avalanche and Daisy. He’s the stud of the group of friends I have.
~Angharad R.

Kya Belle (NNHS Hoppie)

We brought Kya Belle (NNHS Hoppie) home shortly after she completed P4P training. She has been the perfect addition to our family! She loves camping, shopping at PetCo for new toys, going to the ball field and snuggling with everyone on the couch. She has such a fun personality and has grown to absolutely love people. Thanks to the staff and volunteers who took care of our girl until we met and adopted her. We’re so thankful!
~ Shelbie G.

Lyla (NNHS Lacie)

Lyla (NNHS Lacie) was one of 3 that we bottle fed and fostered as puppies for New Nodaway Humane Society. It was such a rewarding experience, that I would definitely do again. She is a very active and very smart girl! She loves going to work with me everyday, and enjoys going on walks. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen Test and started the advanced class September. Then we will start her Therapy Dog Training. She’s the dog that I didn’t know I needed but has made a great addition to our furry family. Thank you for all that you do at NNHS.
~ Jennifer C.

Cairo (NNHS California)

I adopted Cairo (NNHS California) in the beginning of July as an emotional support companion. This little kit kat has stolen my heart and it was as if she was made for the job. She has to follow me everywhere I go in the house. She loves to sleep with my son. And loves to tease my 4 year old.
She is always nearby, and tries to stall me at the door when it’s time for me to go to work every day. She is the orneriest, and sweetest little thing. She caught on quickly that when I show her affection by petting her, that I reach my hand out, so, in return, she reaches out to try to pet me with her paw as I pet her when I come home.
Thank you, NNHS!
Hilary, Harper, & Maddox


Just another update on Nemo, one puppy who was with y’all for nearly a year before coming to his wonderful country living life with some wonderful and exciting brothers and sisters. Nemo was adopted back in November and really has let his personality shine since coming home. He’s definitely the protector of the house but also the biggest cuddle bug/bed hog in the house as well. We love Nemo and adopting him was an amazing decision. He fits this family just perfectly!
~ Amanda H.


We adopted Bear, the 7 month old schnauzer. He is now named Rocket, and his new name is very fitting for his personality. Rocket has changed so much since we first met him at the shelter. He’s almost a different dog! His personality has started to show much more, and my favorite part is seeing him trust us more. He is just now starting to give us more cuddles instead of just laying on the floor or laying across the couch from us. He loves his big sister, Luna, and she actually is his big sister. They come from the same dog parents and breeder. And Luna loves him so much that she always goes to the crate to greet Rocket as we let him out. Rocket has learned how to “lay down” and “high five” in the month we have had him. He almost has “twirl” down though, but his favorite is “high five”. We thank you all so much for taking care of him before we could bring him home. We are so happy to be able to experience what shelter adoption is like, and we have a whole new perspective of it because of our Rocket Man 🚀
~ Tara H.


We adopted Bubbles from your shelter last July. Believe me when I say that she is living her best life! We have to girls who love and adore her! They take turns at night with who will sleep with her. Bubbles loves to snuggle. Bubbles has been on multiple camping trips with us and loves to take walks. We are so grateful for your help connecting us with Bubbles.She has been a great addition to our lives!
~ Marandi D.


“We want to update you on Iggy. (Iggy fit her personality wonderfully, so we decided to keep it!) She has adjusted very well to her new home. She enjoys our large yard, and loves to jump into our plants and eat our hosta flowers! She is the perfect combination of sweet and active. She loves playing with her toys, and enjoys cuddling up with family. She is very quick to learn, and an added bonus for us is that she has only had a handful of accidents in the house in the three weeks that she has been living with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup to compliment our family.
We are so appreciative of the New Nodaway Humane Society for our pup. You, her foster mom and the other New Nodaway staff are so committed to the animals who pass through your doors. Thank you so much!”
~Nancy F.

Lady (NNHS Semie) & Colt

“Semie, which the boys changed her name to Lady because she didn’t know her name and they though that suited her better, is doing great! She loves car rides, walks, tug of war, and loves baths. She is down to cuddle whenever, and is doing well with all of her commands. Colt and her have got to meet a few times and have become the best of friends. They wait for each other and play hard. They also nap together!”
~ Natalie T.


We adopted Annie from NNHS about two months ago after she was trained in Puppies for Parole and let me say she was born to be a farm dog! She has been having a great time playing fetch, riding in the pick ups and laying in the shade! We all believe the Puppies for Parole program has broken her out of her shell and helped her with trusting other. We are very happy to have her!
~ Cassie T.

Mia (NNHS Ziggy)

I just wanted to let you know Mia (NNHS Ziggy) is doing great! She was already potty trained, so please thank her foster mom for that! She goes up and down stairs, comes when called, and loves playing ball! Also, she sleeps with her doll! We love her so very much! Thank you again!
She starts her puppy classes in August, but she learns so fast, I think she will already the basic skills! Super smart girl!
~ Cindy M.

Buster (NNHS Grandpa Luke)

Buster (NNHS Grandpa Luke) has made our home a home; or Buddy or Bubba (he responds to a lot of names). Since adopting him in November he has changed from a tired kitty who slept all day, to a chunk and the most talkative kitty you’ll ever meet. He loves the outdoors and watching birds, food, naps, and getting scratches behind his ears and on his neck. His favorite places to hang out are either in front of the patio doors in the sun and the the deck, and he demands that we let him outside now that it’s nice and he can go outside.
Thank you for everything that you do for the animals that are brought in and for letting me bring home my sweet little guy!
~ Melanie M.

Pennie (NNHS Lena)

I adopted Pennie (NNHS Lena) early this past spring. She’s made herself right at home. Her favorite things to do include terrorizing my house plants and sitting at the very top of her cat tree to look outside. She is a perfect cat, thank you so much NNHS for everything you do!
~ Chrystal P.

Beau (NNHS James)

We adopted Beau (NNHS James) a couple months ago and he’s doing amazing! He’s the definition of a couch potato as you can see and he loves being cuddled. His favorite things to do are take naps, watch TV, chew up moms stuff, and go to his grandma’s. He loves other animals and playing outside. He’s adjusted very well and he’s very smart and well behaved💙
~ Shelby S.

Wilson (NNHS Midnight)

We adopted Wilson (NNHS Midnight) when I was 4 months pregnant and he has loved every second of being part of a family. His bond he grew with my daughter before she was even born has been insane. I’m not sure what we’d do without this perfect lovable boy. He is so so loved.❤️
~ McKennah G.

Kippi & Declan

Here are a few pictures of Kippi, and Kippi and Declan. Both adopted from NNHS. Kippi has definately made himself at home, taking over the dog bed and my slippers. He absolutely lives to curl up in our laps whenever he isnt getting into mischief. Thank you for allowing us to adopt these two, they a very much loved!
~ Melissa C.


We recently adopted Reeses and we already love her so much. She has an incredible bond forming with my daughter. I can feel how much they love each other. Reeses won’t leave her side. She was a little scared last night but all the introductions with the cats went well. She seems to like the cats and they seem to think she is a strange creature and like to stare at her. We’re all settling in nicely. She hasn’t even had an accident yet. She goes potty when we walk her! I’ll keep you all updated but just wanted to share this and tell you how much we appreciated all of your help finding her. She’s perfect for our family. Oh…. and she likes to set in my lap in the rocking chair while giving me kisses!
~ Ellen G.

Milo & Shania (NNHS Amelia)

We adopted Milo and Shania (NNHS Amelia) over a month ago and couldn’t be more in love. They are soooo sweet, loving, and very playful and I might add a tad spoiled. They are definitely entertaining and their love for each other is pretty special. We are so happy they became our forever babies.
~ Melissa M.

Shadow (NNHS Valentina)

Shadow (NNHS Valentina) is getting big. She runs the house. She took over Mommy’s bean bag chair as her bed and she doesn’t like to share. She has come accustomed to her new environment very well. We take her for walks every other day and she enjoys playing in the tall grass along the trails and chasing all the wild life. She has become our second child for sure and gets plenty of love from everyone in the family and anyone who visits. She will be going on her first family vacation here in about a month.

~ Cassandra P.


Just an update on Dozer! He’s such an amazing dog. He went on his first family vacation a few weeks ago and he loved every minute of it!! He’s a great fit for our family ❤️ thank you for giving us the opportunity to love him and give a wonderful home!

~ Kylie C.

Luna (NNHS Raspberry)

Just wanted to give a little update on Luna (NNHS Raspberry) that we adopted.She is very playful and cuddly! She’s a purr machine. I’ve never owned a cat before and I’m so glad I decided to. She’s so smart and super funny to watch. I love her with all my heart and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to adopted her ❤️
~ Kayla D.

Felix & Jazzie (NNHS Patriot & Star)

Felix (NNHS Patroit), black and white, and his sister Jazzie (NNHS Star) were adopted into our family in August 2018. They turned a year old on June 5, 2019 and we’re so happy we adopted both of them! If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten, two littermates are definitely a better option. As we have 2 older rescue cats, the kittens keep each other busy and don’t annoy the other cats especially when they’re in full run through the house!
~ Deb Z.

Dublin (NNHS Hooch)

This is Dublin (NNHS Hooch) we adopted him on St. Patrick’s Day (thus the name) and we have been SO lucky to have him in our family. We first fell in love with his smile, which he shows every time he greets you… or when he gets in trouble.
He loves being outside with his brother, going on hikes and camping (he has even gotten to go on Boy Scout trips and the boys LOVE him). He is a huge cuddler and howls when you don’t let him enough. Dublin is such a good boy and we couldn’t be more happy!
~ Kelsey A.

Kyla (NNHS Bunny)


Happy tails update! I updated Kyla (previously Bunny) a year ago today! I got super lucky with this sweet girl, she’s an amazing cat with quite the personality! She loves cuddles and treats and is the softest pet you’ll ever find!

~ Danielle W.


We adopted Hank a year and a half ago and we just love him. He has lots of energy and is learning alot. He loves to play with his toys and especially loves his pool on hot days. Best thing we ever did.

~ Marcia B.


We’ve had Boots since March 19th and he has mad such great strides! He used to just want to cuddle up next to you and not leave your side! He wouldn’t play with toys at all. Now he is a free energetic pup! He loves food, new toys, burying bones and treats in his kennel or bed to save for later. He enjoys sleeping right in between both of his parents, and being an independent pup! We’ve discovered we HATE going to see the vet, getting a bath, or being brushed for long periods of time! He now enjoys meeting new people, and LOVES meeting new dogs! We are so stinking happy he is ours! We are blessed to have found him ❤️
~ Jenna R.

Oliver (NNHS Ernest)

I have had Oliver (NNHS Ernest) for over a year now and he has truly been a blessing to me and my family! The first time I saw him, he was falling asleep while sitting up and I knew he was the one for me! He has an amazing personality but is also very naughty at times. He loves his fur sister, Maggie, and they love to look out the window and chase those pesky squirrels up the tree. Oliver loves going to the dog park and getting all muddy in the lake, but always hates bath time afterwards! He loves to visit grandmas house and come with me to the houses i am dog sitting at! I cant thank New Nodaway Humane Society enough for pairing me with my partner in crime!
~ Olivia S.

Ellie (NNHS Cassy)

Ellie (NNHS Cassy) has become such a good girl! When I adopted her she was dog aggressive in the kennels and had been adopted and returned because was chewing on walls and she was just a couple months old. She now loves playing outside, going to Paws at the Pub, learning new tricks, and being a spoiled pup! Thank you NNHS!
~ Cassidy J.

Bug (NNHS Supreme) & Hopper

Dec. 1, 2017, I adopted Bug (NNHS Supreme). He responds to all of the 10+ nicknames he’s acquired over the past year, but most of all Bubby. He’s the best boy and helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. He’s extremely vocal and loves to have conversations all day and night.

Fast forward to March 15, 2019. The day I brought Hopper home. He mostly responds to Hop Hop or Old Man. He’s the best addition to our little family and fits in perfectly. He likes to steal food and he doesn’t discriminate. Burgers, fries, chips, Mac n cheese are only a few examples of things he’ll eat when I’m not looking. He’s still quite the quirky dude, even though his tongue rarely makes an appearance anymore.

Both boys are extremely affectionate and get along beautifully. They enjoy playing together and watching birds. They are the sweetest and I have been so blessed with the opportunity to be their momma. Thank you for taking such good care of them while they waited to come home.
~Taylor H.

Tripp (NNHS Scrappy)


I adopted Tripp (NNHS Scrappy) when he was just a wee Australian Shepherd puppy at 4 months old. However, he will be ONE last month. He is the biggest cuddler, most hyper pup, and wants to be friends with anyone and everyone he sees! Tripp is going to experience doggy daycare for the first time this month!!! He is super excited as he will spend his days playing with local rescues pups just like him!
~ Whitney W.

Nero (NNHS Cupid)

We adopted Nero (NNHS Cupid) on February 23rd. Within two months, he had already gained over 25lbs since I took him home! 😳 He’s very smart, has learned sit, stay, lay, shake, bark, and kiss! He has some children around to keep him active. Loves walking, but is still getting use to his leash. He loves the cold Nebraska weather so far and has adjusted well to his new home.
~ Cody H.



Sadie is adjusting well to her new home!! She has been the perfect addition. Her and her new sister Jezzy play well together and are usually side by side. They love fighting over a toy and taking up the whole couch to nap lol. Here is a pic and a video of them playing in our yard. She’s a very happy and sweet girl!
~ Crystal B.

Barkley (NNHS Jolly)


We adopted Barkley (formerly Jolly) from you in December. We thought you would like an update on how he is doing. As you can see he is loving his laid back life style. He is a very sweet boy who chases our cats just for fun, loves his tennis ball, and can’t get enough peanut butter inside of his Kong. Thank you for taking him in and making sure he found his forever home!
~ Wendy S.

Fireball (NNHS Big King)

My fiancé and I adopted Fireball (NNHS Big King) almost a year and a half ago, and boy, has he lived up to his name since then! He loves running, playing fetch with his toy mice, and exploring outside. He’s constantly making sure he’s the center of attention, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for all that you guys do, and for helping us find our fluffy little guy!
~ Maddie H.

Pongo & Perdita

I adopted Pongo and Perdita back in February and they have been the best. While we are still figuring life out together they are now knowing they have a home.

Pongo is my sweet prancing loving everyone boy. He is close to being able to pass the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. Perdi is starting her training and I’m hoping she will be able to pass as well. She’s a little more shy and stand offish than Pongo but once she warms up she gives the best sneaky kisses.

I did a DNA test on them both. Pongo is 37.5% American Foxhound, 25% Treeing Walker Coonhound, 12.5% Otterhound, 12.5% Beagle, and 12.5% Hound mix. Perdi is 50% American Foxhound, 25% Treeing Walker Coonhound, and 25% Beagle.

They love the dog park and the gym. So far they haven’t had a treat they didn’t like. It’s been fun to see them relax and figure out they are now home. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
~ Sara P.


Cate was adopted back in August. She loves to lay with the dogs and just relax and sleep with them! We’ve been to the vet and she’s had her nails trimmed! She did so good! She likes being able to see her people so I usually have a little meowing shadow following me around the house. She does have her own bed and loves to eat! She has settled in well to her new environment with her new dog siblings! She’s a wonderful, loving cat!
~ Cassandra S.

Sadie (NNHS Noel) & Piper

Sadie (NNHS Noel) has come a long way since we adopted her last February! She is the biggest sweetest cuddler, and doesn’t do anything halfway: Play hard, sleep hard. She loves every type of toy (but her favorite is whichever Piper has at the moment), adores car rides and walks, and could sprint around the yard for HOURS (greyhound mix, for sure!). Sadie has such a big personality and I’m so glad we took a chance on the stray mutt that was afraid of humans.. she is the best dog we could have asked for, she and Piper (Adopted from NNHS in April 2016) were always meant to be sisters! ❤️
~ Katelin L.


We’ve had Panda almost a year now and she is truly one of a kind. For such a small dog, she has the heart, soul and bark of a Mastiff! Shes very protective of her family and her sisters, and will let strangers know that shes not the one to be messed with. But once she gets to know you, it’s all love from there.
Her favorite thing is cuddling, guarding the window, and climbing trees. Shes my best running partner, she loves giving her humans hugs, and spends her days letting us know when ANYONE is outside.
~ Taylor E.


Just an update on Kylo. I’m pretty sure we adopted the world’s best dog the day we brought Kylo home. He’s almost done with his first Canine Good Citizen class, and will be going to Advanced Training shortly after. I hope to get him certified as a Therapy dog to volunteer at Children’s Mercy over the summers. He now has a German Shepherd sister, and has helped with her energy tremendously. He has come so far from the little guy that no one wanted because his joints bent backwards.
~ Jessica M.


This is Ryker we adopted him in September. He’s very active so it’s hard to get pictures unless he’s sleeping. But he is so loving and energetic. He’s my baby and I take him everywhere including when we go to our home town where he likes to play with his best friend Pumpkin. He loves hair ties and really anything he can get his paws on. He’s loves to cuddle his mom and dad and to get little kisses on his forehead. He has truly changed our lives in so many ways.
~ Morgan F.


This is Ghost!! We adopted him from you! He is loving his new home. He is the sweetest cat and has made lots of friends. He likes to hold hands and be held like a baby. He also loves to be pet and loves a good snuggle. He doesn’t like being/sleeping alone. He always needs a pal!
~ Taylor H.

Starfire (NNHS Lenora)

Starfire (NNHS Lenora) has grown and is a rambunctious little sister to her other two siblings, Fluffy and Raven.
She enjoys the toys mom gets her, but she will gladly play with crumpled up paper and empty soda bottles.
She occasionally has an attitude and tries being all big and bad with her older siblings, but it isn’t always the smartest decision.
She cuddles all the time, eats ice cream with mom, and enjoys trying to get along with her sister-dog and sister-cat. Napping with her feet up is always her go to! And she learned to stay out of the Christmas tree quickly and continues to be the center of attention.
Thank you NNHS for letting me adopt this huge ray of sunshine in my life.
~ Kyleigh K.


Hi, this is Xena. First off I changed my name from Mona, which is a wimpy sound to Xena because I am a warrior! I am loving my new forever home. I have a new sister who has decided that I am really fun to play with and we chase and play all day. I have convinced my humans to buy tennis ball throwers so I can chase further when we play fetch. I absolutely love tennis balls! I also like to chew up almost any dog toy and they are no match for me as I have destroyed several already. Warrior, remember! I like my new Vet Julie at Shenandoah Animal Hospital who says I need to gain some weight but that I am very healthy. My family has welcomed my and love me so very much. I have never tried to bite and have been well behaved. I have included some pictures so you don’t miss me so much and I will try to visit sometime. Please know I am very happy!
~ Cris M.


Mia was part of a litter of 8 that were saved by the shelter. We adopted her as a puppy and we have had Mia for almost 3 years! She completes our little family. She loves chasing leaves in the fall, frisbee with Corey (Dad), and long naps on the couch. Thank you so much for everything that you do, and for helping us find Mia.
~ Alycia D.